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I have one very very grateful cat by the name of Tee who most of you remember had to be taken in to our Veterinarian after wounds from a fight became grossly infected.  If that trip had not been made, Tee, would be dying.  And he knows it.  He’s been since the fight and consequent trip to our Vet been hanging around our house with an ongoing look of utter gratitude written on his face.

When it comes to Life and death or for that matter, the welfare of the barn cats next door to us, money is not an issue.  The owners’ attitude are “Oh, they are just barn cats. They can fend for themselves.”  When I told one of the owners that I took Tee in to our Vet, she responded, “He looks fine to me.”  Which I said to, “Well of course he does now.  We had his wounds attended to.  If we had not done so, Tee would have died.”

She couldn’t get away from me fast enough.

*No comment.*

Back to our Tee ….

I thought it would be a challenge to describe what Tee felt like with photographs while his left front leg was inflamed with puss, and what he felt like right after we brought him back home.  I chose, much to my surprise, two photographs I almost deleted.  The “hurting” picture I thought the composition was truly different yet the picture itself a bit on the ugly side.  Something made me keep it.  The second one I almost deleted too, because it is so far from my usual style that my first impulse was “Ugh”.

When something new
sometimes comes along
just because it’s new
makes it feel uncomfortable.

I’m so glad I kept both for they are now helping me show you what I “think” Tee felt during this Event in his Life.

This one is how Tee felt while his front leg was infected:

OUCH Oh, Mommy, I HURT!!!!!

LR --4

And this one is how Tee felt when that puss was drained, antibiotics and fluid given, and he returned home:


LR -2918


Much Love,
❤ ❤ ❤

Photography/ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Tee” 2016©AmyRose

29 thoughts on “Tee (3 IMAGES)

  1. I get that all of the time when it comes to cats. People have no idea what comfort those beautiful creatures. Come to think of it, they treat humans that way too when they do not understand.

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  2. I’m so happy to hear, that Tee went through and healed again, dear Amy 😀
    I do really understand his reaction to your amazing help, without you, he would have no life any longer.
    Beautiful photos, they tell the story.
    Much love ❤ Irene

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  3. I am delighted Tee is on his way to recovery Amy all thanks to you.. I can not understand those who have animals and not take responsiblity for them. Such is life as we say.. Thank goodness for your generous Heart Amy xx

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    1. I Love him, simple as that. And yes there is a deep bond between the two of us. I literally lost sleep trying to figure out how to get him to let me pick him up and put him in a carrier. When the time came, he not only allowed it, but was compliant, no fighting or resisiting. Unheard of for a “wild” and “free” cat. He honestly knew he was in huge trouble and he trusted me to help him. Oh yes, he is my Tee Baby. He’s been very close since this event, hanging around our home and gardens, so so very grateful. My Heart smiles every time I see him now. 🙂 ❤

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    1. All who see this picture now knows how to “read” the expression of a cat’s face. When you are aware that they truly do express themselves via facial expressions (NOT all the time, though!) it becomes so obvious you wonder how you missed those expressions. I Love Tee, Carol. Simple as that. The bond between us has just grown stronger. While I am here with breath in my body, I am “Guardian” of these precious animals as best as I can be. Much Love to you, ❤

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  4. Oh Amy, the look of contentment on Tee’s face says it all.You can tell that he is loved. I also don’t understand people who don’t care. I bet when that lady said “He’s just a cat” the things that went through your mind that you didn’t say. I know I would have wanted to say plenty. Glad he’s on the road to recovery! HUGS ❤

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  5. Glad Tee was ok! How thoughtful of you to bring him to the vet, as I understood it, this was someone else’s cat, even.. so it was very kind of you. I can not understand some people who do not look after their cats at all. I just today made a post about how I am spoiling and loving my new kitten. 😍 So I was glad to read this post too! 🙂

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    1. He is in my own Mind and Heart, YellowCable. The technicalities don’t matter. We Love each other and he trusts me. Simple. I’m humbled that he allows me to be in his life and so I do what I do when it is needed. ❤

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    1. Thank you kindly, Noel. If I said one thing and did another, I would be a liar, someone no one could trust. Love is what truly matters, and Tee Loves me and I Love him. Technically, no he is not “my” cat legally, but Heart wise, he most certainly is! I have been called to care for these precious animals, so I shall do so until all have passed. If the world sees this as odd, that does not matter either. I am faithful to what I am being asked, even if I don’t truly understand. I just know Compassion and Love are so needed in this world which is how I fashion my entire Life around. God Bless you for leaving such a Heart touching, tear smarting comment. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Hi, Tiny!! Thank you for stopping by. I (again) am not officially blogging being very involved with Karma. He came so close to looking like “this is it” that I made up my mind to make an appt. for in-home euthanization. Just yesterday we gave him, after much research, a new Homeopathy remedy and now I am beginning to believe he is going to pull through to be with us for a while yet. It’s been intense, scary, heart breaking, and very frustrating that our Vets are literally acting as though that’s it for him. No call backs when I am told they will. No follow ups. No answers to my requests for medication. I am getting IV LR fluids thank goodness which is truly assisting him right now to stay alive. My whole focus has been to either follow through to end this precious baby’s life or now what looks to be a slow beginning on the mend. It’s nail biting, nerve wracking. I don’t know when I will be blogging but I will be as soon as either Karma pulls through and I can focus elsewhere or he chooses he has had enough. All in all, a very intense phase of my Life!!! Hope all is well your way, dear friend!! ❤


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