Dreamers Dream (3 IMAGES)

84 thoughts on “Dreamers Dream (3 IMAGES)”

    1. Awh, Mark, thank you! My photography is getting “deeper” and more “surreal”. I agree with you … there are so many worlds within worlds if only we have eyes to see this. ❤

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  1. Such a lovely poem, such wise words, Amy. Dreamers certainly dream. They use their imagination and let it take them to places no one has taught of before. They dare to dream, they dare to see and above all dare to make their dreams a reality. Even if they don’t reach their goal, they will still look at the positive and learn something along the way.

    Amazing macros. Simply stunning. Love the dreamy feel to all of them. Wonderfully done and I feel like I am looking at flowers in a fairytale land 🙂 Take care ❤

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    1. Oh, Mabel, I have read your comment several times. My goodness, I honestly don’t know what to say.
      I think these words came about from watching a movie that had one of the characters saying … Train tracks were built between Italy and Vienna BEFORE the train was invented. … So in Life I believe in building and creating even before what I am creating for comes to reality. Sometimes I do things not really knowing why but just have this strong urge to do so. Hard to explain.
      And about my photography … I seem to be going deeper into the Mysteries of Mother. I myself when I see what I have captured honestly cannot believe my own eyes. Using the Light before dusk creates Magic never previously even thought of. I feel as if I have truly walked into a Fairy tale when I am behind that camera of mine. All fades away and just what I am seeing in my viewfinder and what is around me that catches my eyes, exists. Much Love to you, ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Your poetry and beautiful photos are always a breath of fresh air, Amy. 🙂 Both a reflection of your own beauty that shines through each word. I love visiting your blog which always allows me a deep breath before leaving. 🙂

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    1. Dearest Brenda, Bless your Heart. How kind you are towards me and I really thank you! I am just so happy that you come here to soak up the Beauty Mother is giving to me, on levels that just leave me stunned. We all need a deep breath now and again, and I am honored that I can provide you one. Much Love, ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Oh wow, Marissa, thank YOU!!! My photography is becoming even deeper as Mother is opening Herself to me even more. I was blown away by these images, these and others that I now have. I honestly am stunned by what I am creating. ❤


    1. Thank you, Dan!! Stunned beyond words I am for the creations that I am seeing in my viewfinder. The third one is my favorite. Using Light from a low sun, I saw tiny flowers on a bush. And this is what happened when I captured it. ❤

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    1. Thank YOU, Eliza!!! The Light just before dusk (6:30-7:30) at this time of year is my favorite time to photograph. Eight pm is pushing it, yet I’ve still been out there with my camera. I’m thinking on getting my “fix” in today. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Lovely to see your gorgeous face pop up liking my post, Amy. Hope you are doing okay, remember that old phrase: “Onwards and upwards, teacups!” Or perhaps: “Teacups of the world, unit!”. Snicker, snicker. xxxxx

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      1. It’s been so hot here too, Mo. No rain either. Today for the first time in months we finally got rain. OH YES!!!
        I know our paths haven’t crossed recently but I have had some very hard losses, one just last week. I’ve lost 3 of my fur babies in nine months and right now, the pain of this loss is sooooooo overwhelming. I must carry on for if I succumbed to the temptation to just curl up and stop living, I would. My camera will again help with the healing process. Thank you for inquiring about my welfare. I hope all is well with you! ❤

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  4. Soooo sorry to hear of your losses, Amy, it breaks your heart when you lose one, let alone three. I know when our lovely, sunny, cowardly little dog Ziggy died a year ago at 2.5 years old and we had no idea why, it was devastating. I still can’t bear to look at photos of him. BUT did I ever tell you he sent me a message of life after life the next day – I went to bed to have a doze as I couldn’t sleep the night after his death, and got woken up by the sound of scratching filling the room. I asked my husband which of our remaining three dogs had been scratching and he said none of them. Well, Ziggy used to scratch, we had a hard time trying to deal with his fleas, and so only he could have sent such a distinctive sound to let me know he was okay. So, painful as it is, I’m sure your three fur babies will be cavorting with our Ziggy as he loved cats. xxxxxxxxx

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    1. BIG (((HUGS))), Mo! And thank you for your condolences about my babies. I must pick up the shattered pieces of me and the only way I know how to do that is to immerse myself in what I Love to do. I will also just let the tears fall whenever they need to. Much Love, Amy ❤


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