The Moving Prayer (2 IMAGES)

LR -140252

My only Intention in recording this as I was walking (not hiking) on Sunday was as a memo to use later to write a post with.  But, when I played this back, I was surprised that you could hear the cadence of not only my footsteps, but the sounds of some type of cricket (I think) as I paused between words, as if right on cue to be heard.  At the very end, listening closely, birdsong is heard as well.  So I decided to not write out the words as I normally do but for you to actually hear this recording.

Notice the little wobble in my voice from the “stress” I have been dealing with taking care of Karma.  I deliberately took this walk to gain my breath back, struggling with anxiety on that day. Yet, the Peace and Calm in that same voice is there despite that wobble. And also notice the evident Peace “heard” in my footsteps.  Yes, friends, even though I find myself in a place I would rather not be, I refuse to let go my Calm and my Peace.

*Goosebumps*  What I was not aware of when I recorded this is, that All That Is around me joined in with me to bring “music” and Perfect Harmony to my words.  Are you able to explain this phenomenon to me?  Can you “get” why my mouth is always dropping open in astonishment?

I hope you enjoyed this.  May this recording give you “food for thought”.

I leave you with this Gift from my Mother Garden that shouts Sacred …

LR -

❤ ❤ ❤


Photography/ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “The Moving Prayer”
July 2016©AmyRose

Photograph of my hiking boots taken on another day other then the day of this recording.
Second photograph is a chive flower with honey bees on it.

81 thoughts on “The Moving Prayer (2 IMAGES)

    1. Is this not what 99.9% of WP posts are comprised of, Alok? Text and picture posts? My intention is to bring more variety here on my blog and so far, I do belive I am doing just that. Much thought goes into what I do here and much effort as well as I continue to blog with huge Life situations unfolding. And yes, I do agree, Nature is Blissful. That is one of the reasons why I merge with Her as often as I can. Have a good day! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Have you tried right On my blog, Irene? It works for me. If you cannot hear it this is what it says: When we realize that all of Life is Sacred, …. The very air we breathe, the water we drink, the Earth we walk upon … Then our Life itself becomes Sacred, a Moving Prayer. Or something like that. It’s not exactly word for word, but that is the concept. Much Love, Amy ❤

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    1. When I saw you wrote … A celestial symphony, my mouth (again) dropped open. I had written something very similar but deleted it. LOL And here you are writing what I deleted. How amazing is that? I’ll tell you, Carol, Mother takes my breath away (a good thing!) every time She creates with me, much of the time, me not even knowing at the time but only afterwords. When I heard my footsteps and all else, the musical massage that came about literally made me stop my walking and just blink, not really “believing” what I was hearing when I played this recording back for the first time. Just amazing!!! Hope you are having a great day. I’m going to attempt to go for my hike today with a pedometer to see how far I really go. Last time I tried, it was so hot I only made it to the 2 mile mark and turned around. I couldn’t breathe and became very dizzy. Nope. I know when to say enough!!! Much Love to you!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. We went 7.3 miles today, Carol. I should have a photo of a place we saw so that you can admire it again here on Petals. I say should because even I don’t really know what I will post. LOL ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank YOU, Marissa!! This totally blew me away. I really had no intention of publishing the recording. Yet when I heard it, I could not resist to do so! Hope you are having a great day!!! ❤


    1. Yes, Monica, this is my voice. Who’s else would it be? LOL A teenager? Hmmmm …. Maybe I should talk with more of a husky voice. When I am out in Nature, I usually experience Bliss. This is what you are hearing in both my voice and my footsteps. SO glad you heard me and you enjoyed this!! Have a wonderful day, dear friend!! ❤

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      1. The Bliss from your voice and your footsteps enchant me, my Amy. I am so happy that you are well. And I want you to be well forever. A beautiful day for you, too 🙂

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  1. The whole record is a wonderful and complete package. What I loved was the switch. The “search” in the beginning, the pause, and the power when you continued walking! It was most of all wonderful to hear your voice, Amy!

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    1. SMILING!!! That “search” was a reaching out knowing there were words that I had in “mind” but needed to be put into an order to make sense. Then they came. The quiet in my footsteps was me actually walking on grass. I never stopped walking as I recorded this. The crunch was a gravel path in the park I was walking in. The completeness as you say, so amazed me, because I was only aware of the words as I was recording, not too much anthing else around me, my concentration being so intense. SO glad you enjoyed this. Now you know what my voice sounds like!! Love you! ❤

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      1. It must have an even deeper meaning since you were there and remember what else was around. Really wonderful and even though it was grass you walked on it felt like pausing. Then again the soft grass can feel like that break! Awesome! Love you too, dear Amy 💖

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    1. SMILING!!!! I am SO happy you heard my voice, Kathy, and this recording worked for you. Some are having trouble with it, which baffles me. Hope you had a great day!!! My day flew and is still doing so!!! Love you! ❤

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    1. I’m so glad the recording worked for you, Chris!! I really did not intend to publish this but when I heard the “perfect serenade and orchestra” I couldn’t resist. Sometimes as I walk ideas come and so as not to loose them I use memo with voice. Much Love, ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. The voice……
    the cadence…..
    the accent……….
    the words………….
    the feelings ………..
    your heart……………
    Thank you for sharing!!!! The Bees!!

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    1. Michael!! YOU are the first to mention the bees. I don’t think anyone else saw the photograph of them. What a loss because when I saw these Sacred Bees who come to my Garden every year, I just had to photograph them. And Bless you for your extremely kind words here!! You lifted me! Thank you! ❤

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      1. Well you know Bev keeps us more than interested in Bees at the new pond!!!
        Happy they(bees) know where to go and who to look up when the summer flowers are blooming.
        Happy days!!!!!! Nature sings!!!!!
        ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Very nice, Amy. The first time I tried to listen, the recording would not play. I finally switched to a different browser and I was able to finally hear it. It’s good to ear your voice 🙂

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    1. Dan, I don’t know if it is the file itself and how I saved it on my hard drive but I will try another way to save a recording the next time. Too many had trouble opening this recording. I’m glad you tenaciously stuck with it until you could hear it. That’s my “Bliss” voice when I am just IN Mother Nature. I’m learning to bring that Bliss back with me into every aspect of my Life. ❤

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  4. I am sure Amy that the sound recording is beautiful.. I clicked several times and I am on your blog not in the reader and nothing at all happens.. Sorry, must be a connection issue .. xxx Loved your post by the way xxx

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    1. Susan, I have noticed that all that had trouble opening this file are from Europe, except for two. I will save it another way the next time I do this. If you would like I can send the recording to you via email. It’s worth to listen to. Let me know. ❤

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  5. Wonderful voice Aimes!! And a peek at your creative process. Beautiful picture of that fuschia flower and the yellow bees! You, hubs, and furries are in my thoughts and prayers. You all do so much and they truely know you do. I know they are ever so greatful. Peace, love, and the light always! Big hugs! 💗❤️💖

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