LR --4

It is not possible
to control Life
for when you do
fear controls you.
know that which 
you can control —
 how your “react”
to Life
as too your actions.

Photograph of my Lavender

MF Macro Without Photography/ “Know” July2016©AmyRose

My Karma has been pulled through a Life Crisis.  Today for the first time I can breathe deeply.  My priority now with Karma is to keep him stable and with the knowledge I presently have, I am confident that I shall.  That is, if he chooses to stay with us for a time yet.

On top of the incredible stress of figuring out how best to address the life threatening situation Karma was presenting with, Tee, one of the outdoor barn cats who I take care of, got into a fight and has a bite wound on his left front leg.  It is infected.  In the wild, that can be fatal.  We have been treating him with Homeopathy and pain medication, and smart as that cat is, he hung around my gardens for two days so that he would be close by for his medications.  Today, when I made an appointment with our Veterinarian, he waltzed off, no where to be found.

Yesterday, being it a Holiday, our Vet’s office was closed, and I most likely would have been able to get Tee to bring him in.  What can I say?

Yes, he is feeling better, yet that leg is still visibly swollen.  You have no idea the nightmares I have had trying to figure out how to get Tee to put him into a carrier so we could bring him to our Vet for antibiotic and fluid therapy.  That doesn’t look like it is going to happen, unless that is, he allows it to happen by again coming in close to hang in my gardens.

You think I am making this stuff up?  I wish!  I am so tired right now I could curl up and sleep for 3 days. I am also in the process of getting my stomach back to not hurting.  These two events did put me in fear and I fell apart.  I mean, how much can I possibly take?  So, in my way, this post is a sign to all of you I am doing all I can to get back onto Smooth Way once again.  I am fast heading for my “zone”.

As of today I am determined to get back to my “normal routine”.

Again, yes again, I ask for your patience as I slide back into my routine, both in Life and on WP.  Comments will be closed and I will not be blogging.  Please just enjoy my post for today.  Sending

❤ ❤ <3.