Divine Connection

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  1. Dear Amy, I am delighted you shared this insight with us, and so true are your words.. Its wonderful isn’t it when we connect to ALL that IS.. And no wonder you swooned..
    I hope we all take heed also of those Divine words my friend, for it is gathering momentum right now that we all Listen to such promptings from our Higher selves . As we learn to reconnect IN LOVE to those around us.
    Thinking of you in your busy gardening morning and sorry you have lost your beloved trees..
    Sending Love from one gardener to another
    Hugs Sue ❤

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    1. Dearest Sue, I agree with you that the “energies” are gaining momentum. I see both a positive change and just the opposite as well. Those who resist the Light because that would mean seeing within themselves, have gotten louder, meaner, more insane. Then those who welcome the Light I’ve observed a flow, a gentleness, a deep Connection to Source. When I meet these souls, the complete JOY that bubbles up within me is astounding. I meet many of these souls in the forest I hike (no surprise).
      Yesterday was a very demanding day and not just about the tree felling and planting. Events blur as I think back as they happened so quickly and so close together. Today my pace is slower which it needs to be. One thing I must do is check on my Roses because I saw a few Japanese Beetles yesterday for the first time. I hope they to be sporadic and few as have the rest of the insects here, but just in case I must prepare “Rose Pharm”, an all natural spray that really takes care of the nasties in my gardens. Much Love to you this day, dear friend!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. I am pleased you are creating a calm space to be in today Amy and I hope your roses fair well, Ours had lots of greenfly again this year.. And White fly covered my bamboo! I had to cut loads down.. But made canes for the garden out of the stems, which my sweetpeas are now climbing 🙂 Sending Love right back xx


    1. Before I dive in to my day, Morgirl, I SO appreciate what you wrote. I am but the “means to an end”. This “wisdom” flows through me from God (Source) and when this happens, I’m as blown away as you. Me? I Love this too. It’s deep, and very very thought provoking. If we all could get our heads wrapped around this, wow, what a world. I also “saw” this process. It’s like putting Niagara Falls into one small human body, hence, this process is very slow and very very powerful. Too much and it will kill us. We can only sustain the higher energies to a certain extent. You have a great day today!!! My tree people are here! I must go!! Love you! ❤

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    1. We all have the ability to connect, Irene. It is a matter of stopping everything we are doing and just BEING. I’m disconnecting more and more and OH does it feel good. We cannot hear Source when we are occupied in both mind and body. Well, I correct myself there because many times I hear that Voice when I am hiking in the woods. It is my mind that is still. 🙂 Much Love to you! ❤

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    1. You are ever so welcome, Carol!! We were meant to be connected. It is the way of the world that has pulled so many of us away from that connection. I must admit this understanding was a mind blower. Bless you for reading this. As a result your Life will change. 🙂 ❤

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  2. I so get this, Amy. Since I was diagnosed with cancer I have been so much more aware of what is living and dying and the beauty in so many of them. I moved a card table over so I can see the marvels of watching the Forest stretching and meeting the sun and all of the rest of us. Then I take a short walk around the ‘hood and talk to the birds who love to echo my whistle back to me.

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    1. Since the days of my severe back injury, Susan, I have become so much more aware of what is around me. The Connection I had all my Life, stifled by me for so long, slowly came back into Being. I Love being around Nature as this is I feel my natural way to live. How I suffer in the winter being closed up and that is the main reason why I have become so determined to do activities during the winter months outside. Much Love to you!!! I hope you are feeling strong for your surgery! Love, Amy ❤

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    1. I agree, Marissa. The “words” or “visions” do happen in the oddest ways sometimes. This time like any other time, I was not expecting it, and when it unfolded I was astonished that yet again I became connected. Thank you about my flower. She is a beauty!!! Much Love to you, ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Dearest Erika, your comment I am answering this evening before I crash into bed. This day is over, thank goodness! As to my response to you, I have been connected to Spirit in this fashion all my Life, even as a child. Many times I would tell my mother what I “heard” and yes “saw”, and when the accusations of lying and punishments were profound, I stopped having these “visions”. I closed the door. Throughout my Life, I would run in fear of this connection. I am through running. Many many wisdom sayings here on my blog were brought about by this connection but this one, my friend, is yes the deepest. At the moment of this Revelation, if I had not been so darn tired, I would have fallen to my knees in complete submission and reverence. Everything around me I “saw” is Divine, is God, is Source, is Life. Everything! I was also “shown” why it takes so long to be transformed into our Higher Selves here in 3D. It’s like attempting to put Niagara Falls into this tiny little body, and so, this must be done, drop by drop, so that the transformation will not kill us. There is just so much power in us in our Natural State yet somewhere we all agreed to be that Natural State here. Anyways … I could talk and talk about both my experiences and this fascinating subject that I call Source, God, All That Is, pondering, wondering, and then boom! receiving.
      Good night, dear Erika. Bless you for “understanding” to the depth you do. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Keep talking, never hold the Niagara Falls back anymore. I know so well what you mean and it was heartbreaking to read that you were told to stop feeling or at least talking about what you saw and felt. The free flow and the clear path of your connection is stunning! I know what you mean when you say that you “see” how things are connected and why things are or develop the way the are or do! It is overwhelming and not easy to pin down in simple words. It is a perception of it all at once because it all is ONE. There is no becoming and no ending. It all is and becomes. It is all energy transforming constantly and we are able to direct the way of transformation. It is all provided for us with so much love in order for us to experience our amazing, powerful, and creative being. Wow, I could go on too… haha! But I have to go to work now. Just couldn’t resist to respond to your reply. Blessings to you, dear Amy 💖


    1. Eliza, your comment just came in as I was answering one comment for the day, and I just had to right away say to you, I am not surprised by what you told me. Not at all. And thank YOU for telling me this feels Truth in your Heart. I know it to be. This tells me much about you, dear friend, and the Journey you have undertaken in order to understand this Truth. Bless YOU. And thank you so much for leaving this comment for me. I am so touched. Now off to shower and bed …. Long day!!! Much Love! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. When I was very young Amy, I learned that if I spoke my truth I would be belittled, laughed at or just have people think I was weird. So I learned to ignore or keep it to myself.
    But in hindsight, I think it is meant to go this way so that as our lives pan out, we learn to seek and re-find that truth within, as it is the only thing that really has any meaning for us.
    After all is said and done, after all the searching for happiness in our lives, it only felt right when I was being me…that truth in my heart. And so my journey began.
    It is a learning curve for us all, and the more I danced with it, the more spirit wanted to dance…who can ignore an invitation like that 😀
    Thank you for sharing your heart kind lady, may it always dance to that music of love within 🙂
    Looking forward to hearing more 🙂

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