Love Conquers All

LR -

Bella (white) was rescued by us in 2009
when she somehow managed to find us.
(Long story that is hard to believe!)
She was very badly abused, filthy,
and extremely ill.
For at least one year after being with us,
no one, including me,
could get near Bella without her screaming
in absolute terror.
Oh the sound of that screaming
still haunts me today!
No other cat could be with her
in her “special” room … our study
without her getting extremely upset
so this is where she has been eating
secure behind a closed door.
Presently, she is slowly accepting
her brothers and sisters
and has begun to interact with them.
Here she is seen sleeping with Karma (left)
who is contending with old age,
stomach issues, and bad arthritis
in his back legs and paws.
Seeing these two together put my Heart
right up in my throat and proves …
Love truly conquers all!!!

Photography/ “Love Conquers All!” June 2016©AmyRose

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