Thank YOU! (2 IMAGES)

LR --2

Lending me your shoulder
at this time of my Life
I am deeply grateful
to you for.
Thank YOU!

LR -
I Love you!

Flowers are:  1) Campanula ‘Freya’    2) Mesa Verde Ice Plant

MF Macro Photography Without Tripod/ “Thank YOU” 6-2016©AmyRose

Dear Friends, the tragedies are just not ceasing.  Barely able to feel now as it is, numb with grief yet wracked with heart wrenching sadness, two more deaths have occurred since Prinny’s demise.

One of my husband’s Vietnam buddies called here a few evenings ago leaving a barely discernible message on our answering machine.  When my husband called him back, he was told this man’s wife had just died.  Tears flowed from either end of the phone as his friend talked for hours on end.  Two men who do not know how to cry cried like babies.

Then last night.  Another phone message this time from another friend of my husband.  The news again heart breaking, for this time his friend told us another man we both know had just died.  A man with a huge heart who would do just about anything for a friend and family now is gone from this earth.

The insurmountable depths of pain interlaced with numbness, have both my husband and me walking around not exactly knowing what to do or how to act.  I’ve begun to get in touch with my tears but there are so many of them, I fear I may drown in them if I allow them all release.  I’ve also thrown myself into gardening and planting new plants as a means to keep my sanity.  Between that and hiking, I have yet still to shake this numbness with underlying pain that would destroy me if I allow it to.

In these short brief weeks since Prinny is gone, I am seeing my precious cats return to a state of health, and in seeing this, I realize the toll both Molly and Prinny had taken on all of them.  We truly are a family and as a family we all feel together the joys and the sorrows.

Please keep my family in your prayers, in your Hearts, and in your thoughts.  The One True Light in all this is my cats are regaining happiness and health, and for this, I so do rejoice.  If they can do it, so can I.  I am not able to speak for my husband, for it is his choice to choose happiness and health, even after all these truly heart breaking tragedies.

No, our Life will not be the same ever again, yet, in order to again choose Life, I will somehow shake this paralyzing frozenness with spears of fire so that I can again feel my Connection to myself, God, and All There Is.

It is my Hope that my honesty regarding my Life will somehow assist you with your Life.  Bless all of you for reading my words, for in doing so, you are the means for the validation of my Life.  

*Comments will be left open yet again I will not be blogging and probably not answering comments.  Friends, I must put me back together again and that will be with the assistance of Mother and the Love of my family.*

90 thoughts on “Thank YOU! (2 IMAGES)

  1. I feel with you, dear Amy, for all your losses. Please remember, that no one soul are leaving, just change their place for now, only the physical body dies. We will all meet again, just in another way.

    Send you healing daily and wish you all the best.

    Much love ❤ Irene

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  2. I’m very sorry about your losses. Your description about walking around numb and not knowing what to do next is quite familiar — I’ve felt this way in difficult times. I hope sun and warmth increase in your life and your loved ones’ lives.

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  3. Prayers of Peace Surround your Loving Family. Embracing you Tenderly, whispering Quietly, YOU ARE Loved dear friend. My tears mingle with yours. Im here if you need. Love and Hugs {{{Amsgirl}}}

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    1. I’m going hiking today, Morgirl. The tears just won’t stop today and I need the magic of that great green forest to bring me Peace. The pain is so acute that I could just crumble, curl up, and die. I pray I can come back to the land of smiles. The depths of my despair is too great right now. I Love you! ❤


  4. So sad for you both, Amy. At least there is some good news about your remaining cats. My daughter has just lost both her dogs after 13 years. They died withing 3 days of one another. Sometimes grief seems more than we can bear. *hugs*

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    1. That is where I am right now, Sylvia. One huge cesspool of grief. The only way I know how to get through all this is to stay connected to that magical forest I hike in and to stay deep within my gardens. My Heart is literally breaking right now. Send my heart felt empathy to your daughter. I know exactly what she is going through right now. God Love her!! ❤

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    1. Bless you, Mark!! I am so deeply grateful to you at this moment. All will be all right. I just have to get myself out of the Lake of Tears and into the Land of Beauty again. I’ll do it. I’ve begun today. ❤

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      1. I’m vascilatting between numbness and uncontrollable tears, Mark. I’m not able to force the feelings but just allow the “process” to unfold. As of this writing, tears are stinging my eyes but I feel just so numb and spent. ❤

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  5. May you daily feel the presence all around you both of the God of all peace that transcends human understanding. Feel His comfort and let the Man of Sorrows have all your tears for they are precious to Him. There really is no healing of wounds as deep as the ones you’ve been expieriencing. There is just a sort of moving away and on from them because time doesn’t heal but it creates a space and distance in which the wounds can and do at least scab over. Much love and huge hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤

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    1. Dearest Natatalie, your wise words brought a rush of tears to my eyes. You are so right in that these wounds do not fade, but only scab over. I’ve realized this as I delved into my Lake of Tears and in so doing, experienced the incredible woundedness that I carry with me. Staying there would destroy me. I know it. Too much pain, too many sorrows, I have collected within my Life. Gently, slowly, I allow these new wounds to heal and gracefully leave the Lake of Tears. I choose Life. Yes in time my breaking heart will mend and my JOY will return, I do know this. Loosing one of my babies is no less then loosing a human child, and now reaching out to my husband who is reeling not only from Prinny but from these two additional deaths, both of us at this time don’t know how much more we can bear. Bless you for your words and understanding. I so do Love you for reaching out to me and giving me sustenance at a time I don’t have too much to give. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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    2. One last thing. Yesterday when hiking I saw my shadow even though it was overcast. I was surprised I did see it. I then heard the words: “I am as close to you as your shadow even when the sun is not shining.” Yes the Man of Sorrows walks with me and not only that holds me up when my legs cannot sustain me.

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  6. Oh sweet Amy, how terrible for you and your Husband. This has been such a terrible time for you to live through, and I completely understand your feelings. We have been living thru these same times also in my own family, and now with my own diagnosis I can only pray that I am able to hang on for several years so my kids can recoup enough to handle my death after the 15 family members we have lost in the past 18 months.

    It is so good that your Husband and his friend were able to shed those healing tears. So difficult at the time, but they are the only thing that help in the end, the only manifestation of grief that pours out of the human soul and and the human heart and helps to heal the wounds that are mainly unseen by the naked eye. You are all in my prayers of healing and my hopes that no more sadness will come your way for a long, long while. I hope your furry family can bring you comfort and peace during this trying time and remind you of the unconditional love only they are capable of giving. Hugs and prayers coming your way my sweet friend. ❤ ❤ ❤ Angie

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  7. awh honey, yes, yes, soon, better soon, sooth.

    ha ha yes, mess…
    unexpectedly bumped into a friend, threw open my door anyway…
    when i apologised for the shocking mess, she said

    “mess? my darls, when you’ve got style, there ain’t no mess, it’s all style, cosy is all”


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    1. Aw, Nik, how I FELT you the moment I read your words. Bless you, dear sister. Bless you!!! My Life since the Winter of 2014 has been non-stop so difficult and lately especially so. Broken of Heart, exhausted, going beyond what I can, loosing “faith”, really questioning the Journey …. The blows, the deaths, the losses, the insanity, the incredibly hard work I do every day, all just now leave me saying, “No More”. I haven’t been able to officially blog being an empath and right now so raw I am very carefully selecting who I speak with. Your warmth, your realness is what Petals is now beginning to morph into. Realness. How I LOVE what your friend said and yes yes yes she is SO right. Thank you for that share. I Love you with all I am, and in that, know that no matter how tough it gets for you, you have a sister holding up the weight as well. I honestly don’t know if I will make it through this infernal darkness and if there truly will be Light at the end. I just don’t know anymore, Nikki. I was SO sure at one time. No longer. Sending you BIG (((HUGS))) and all my Love, Amy ❤


  8. Dear One.
    Remember you are dear.
    Remember you are eternal, Dear.
    Remember there is no separation ,but the one you decide there is.
    Peace does not come by reminding self of the loss that there isn’t.
    It comes with the knowing that we are always together, with our intent from all the different dimensions of togetherness
    I can make a difference by sending you loving energy abundantly and you can make a difference by doing the same for many you intend.
    Blessings upon your breath of life. It brings a light that shines, always!!!
    PS…..Be kind to your self and gentle. ❤

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    1. Dearest Michael, your words are beautiful yet they are not my path of this Now Moment. Life since late 2013 has been hitting me in the head and chest with fast balls, and lately, exhaustion and pain have caught up with me. In allowing myself to be broken and to feel the pain within this being, I am opening channels within that were previously blocked. I am grieving for those losses in my Life, too many to even talk about. It takes courage and Sacred Intention to touch places that were meant to guard, to not allow entrance, but in order for me to obtain my freedom, I travel to these places and mourn. I turn to Mother and I turn to Love to guide me through these rough terrains. And when I am through I will be more whole, more me, more Spirit experiencing the human condition.
      Bless you!! ❤

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      1. The energy of abundant love, let it grace your heart and with warm loving embrace and Hugs abound.
        Sending my best energy your way!!!!
        Lovingly, ❤

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    1. Bless you, Anarette. Things are getting better each day. Life goes on even with a heavy Heart. My flowers this year have been so magnificent and my gardens have kept me so busy that healing to a great degree has occurred in those gardens and with those flowers. When I wrote this post I could barely blog, and even today I am still not blogging as my per usual. Our weather here has been outright gorgeous, sunny almost every single day, unheard of for this part of of the country. I’ve been outside, soaking the Beauty all in, enjoying every moment I can. Please know that my deep pain truly is healing. Yes I still have my tears and deep missing, but overall, SO much better!!! ❤

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