Heart Chakra (2 IMAGES)

LR -141713

Now I know why
the Heart Chakra Color

LR -

is green.

*First image the sun was shining.  Second image was taken while overcast.*

Photography/ “Heart Chakra” 2016©AmyRose

Green is such a healing color.  I am so thankful that it is Spring and I have all around me the glorious new green color of Mother’s Heart.

I now have my hiking legs.  Yesterday I hiked for three hours, really not “seeing” too much, but just soaking up the color green to soothe the heart break I must bring to Peace.  Since my Dad passed in January of 2015, I have had no time to grieve but instead plunged right into caring for Molly who had arrived at the end of her Life, and then still unable to stop, had to care for Prinny who became extremely ill.  I’ve had three major losses recently, all of which I have yet to grieve for properly.

When my best friend passed years ago, I again had a “triple” loss situation.  The only way I was able to ease my breaking heart is by turning to Mother and my gardens.  So, I have decided to continue planting, to add on to my gardens.  I will be spending a lot of time creating anew, and as well, hiking.  I just purchased hiking boots and in hiking yesterday I was astounded at how by wearing the right footwear, my confidence soared.

I am paying a high price to achieve my dreams which relate to my photography.  Until that day arrives for me to embrace those dreams, I am cherishing every day with my babies I do have here on this side of the veil, for a day shall come they too will pass.

This should be my last post with comments closed.  I plan on returning to blogging with my next post and look forward in communicating with you.  I’ve missed you, yes, yet I had to take time off to heal a body that came too close to collapsing.

In closing, I have been thinking about the question I posed in my first post today, regarding where this Light is coming from that is seen with my camera, emanating from plants and flowers.  I answer that question with questions.

Do I dare say that this Light is actually coming from within the plant itself?  Is this Light truly the Light of Life, the Divine Spark of Life we all have within?  Or, is this Light a reflection of my Light?

Much Love, Amy