20160516_103556 Prinny copy

I am not able to tell you the pain that my Heart holds right now.  Even though our Prinny is finally pain free, my humanness misses her with every fiber of my being.

Prinny was so sick the entire time she graced her presence with us.  She appeared on October 16, 2009 in our backyard, beat up, covered with mites, filthy, half her tail lifeless, weak, starving, extremely sick, and unable to pass urine.  When we brought her in to the Vet we were seeing at that time, we were advised to put her to sleep.

Instead we opted to fight with her.  We believed and still do that Prinny is the spirit of our third cat, Princess, returned to us.  It was in her mannerisms, her “energy”, and even though this cat was a “male” and looked totally different from Princess, nothing could convince us otherwise that this male cat was truly our Princess.  She evidently was not finished with what she had come here for.

To make a very long story short, our cat Prinny was FIV+ with multiple problems that needed addressing every single day she was with us.  We managed to bring her back to life and as near as possible a state of health that she was capable of having.  She was constant care.  Towards the end of her life, she was diagnosed with a tumor in her right ear, which turned out to be cancerous.  This tumor effected her brain, her eye sight, her balance, and then began to slowly strangulate her.

When I finally convinced my husband we could no longer help her, the decision was made to walk the Path of Mercy.  That last trip to our Vet just about broke both of us and for this reason and more, we are now exploring in-home euthanasia for the rest of our babies.

Prinny was estimated to be eight years old when she first came to us.  We made up a birthday for her.  Prinny came into this world on July 18, 2000 and left this world on May 16, 2016.  Rest in Peace, baby girl.  Mommy Loves you with all of Her Heart and Soul.  We will be together again, I promise you.

Photography/ “Prinny” 2016©AmyRose