Life Canvas

70 thoughts on “Life Canvas

  1. That is a good question. Sometimes when one is in the middle of a long stretch of challenges where you can’t remember where you began and where you can’t see daylight you can give up or keep on going in hope.

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    1. Hi, Kathy!! I’m just about ready to step out to my gardens. I’ve been doing what had to get done, having one eye on comments and answering as best as I could. Now to get dressed and outside to continue with my gardens. I am feeling so much stronger today, thank God!! I had lost so much weight when I had that really high fever back in January so now I am officially on the milk and ice cream diet. I MUST grain weight and already I have. YAY!!!! OH it feels so good to feel like me again!! ❤

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      1. You do a great job, answering comments considering how many you get! So glad that you are feeling stronger. Never heard about the ice cream diet,,,LOL. We have had rain and clouds the last couple of days here. Love you and enjoy your day ❤

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      2. LOL THat just means I am now eating ice cream and drinking milk, two things I normally do not do. I’ve put one pound on already and I can feel the difference. OK!!! Here I go!! Out to my gardens. Much Love, Kathy!! ❤

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  2. My life canvas. Brilliant. I have been inspired by YOU. My new friend named Nikon D5300 and I are getting acquainted. Now to learn what to best optimize my images with and how much without loosing too much. I love your blue pop eyes flowers!

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    1. Oh, Honey! I’m blushing! Really! And in tears. Wow, you pay me such high praise! Editing is SO important and before you jump into anything look around. I use PS CC and LR. There is no longer any software but you have to purchase through the Adobe Creative Cloud. Powerful programs, both of which I only still know a little about. My suggestion is to start with something easy so you don’t get overwhelmed. I’m pretty sure your camera should come with a software program for editing. What I am using is quite complex. I am SOOOO excited for you and your new “toy”. Oh oh oh!! Have fun!! I can’t wait to see what you do and to watch you grow. Oh I am just about jumping off my chair in excitement!! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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      1. Let me know so I can follow you, OK? My blog is so huge and it keeps me so busy that it would not be hard for me to miss your new blog. I really want to see your work! 🙂

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  3. I just love this, Amy, but stopped by to say that I will miss you. The spirit of love seems to favor those who need her most. Keep dreaming and never give up. Thank you for all your inspiration over these years. ❤ always, Laine

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  4. This was spectacular, Amy!! I love the way it looks like a textile or fabric, it shows depth and courage in being singularly brave. The flowers are standing up for their beliefs. I am hearing them speak out with pride: “We are blue and proud of it!” Smiles 🙂 😀 and a little fun for the beauty in your post, dear! ❤

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  5. This post made me think and ask myself what kind of canvass am I painting? Thank you, Amy. I hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear about Prinny. Have a great weekend. Enjoy Friday. ❤ 🙂


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