67 thoughts on “Come”

    1. Alexander, you challenged me by saying “it is impossible” to find anything of beauty at this time of year. So I have YOU to thank for, not only for this photo but for many!!! Spring is just around the bend. Hang in there!!! ❤

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    1. When I lived near the Atlantic Ocean, the waves did the same for me, Irene. I miss that body of water. I do my best to find waters in creeks, lakes, and rivers to soothe my soul. May you have a Blessed Day today!!! Love, Amy ❤

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    1. We still have snow on the ground here, Scott, and if you look carefully to the right in this image, you can see white which is snow. Still and all, this creek just pulled me and I was there just being still, looking, listening, drinking it all in. So glad you joined me today!!! ❤


    1. I too am drawn to these kind of waters now, Dan. When I go to the lakefront, I don’t get the same feelings as I do with these small creeks. My spirit becomes so still and calm as I gaze upon them. I’m so happy you can see and feel what I do. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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  1. What a wonderful invitation by the creek, Amy! So reassuring. And the image in itself is very beautiful – a place to go to seek peace and rejuvenation. Much love XX

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