Against All Odds

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Against all odds
Light does glow
those eyes that see
Life shall BE
Even when encompassed
by dark
in seeking the Light
Beauty is seen

Dear friends and family,  as of last week I was told my Mom again has symptoms of cancer, and since her surgeries last October to this present day, her one remaining kidney is cancerous. That cancer in three months times grew rapidly up the vein leading to her heart.  She is in advanced stage kidney cancer.  Prior to the surgery the medical knowledge I have told me that this exact situation would happen because any time a person with widespread cancer is opened up in surgery (Mom had cancerous masses on her kidney that was removed, as well as heart and liver), that cancer will grow like wildfire.

When my Mom finally was able to leave the hospital the end of October, I began speaking with her on the telephone almost every day developing a relationship I would probably not have had if it were not for this surgery. For this precious time we were given, I am grateful to the doctors who performed the surgery, the very ones who knew full well the cancer would return violently. They also did not inform my Mom or family of that reality but allowed my Mom to believe the cancer had been eradicated.

In my Heart of Hearts, I wanted my Mom to believe those doctors so she could have this space of time thinking she was free of cancer.  And so I stuck my head in the sand and believed for two months my Mom was fine and cancer free.

I am once more facing a crisis of monumental proportions. I have just recovered recently from the toll on my body that both my Dad’s death and Molly’s death caused last year.  And now this.

Your Prayers, Thoughts, and Love will all be most graciously received for myself and my family.  I am not able to travel this Journey alone.  Bless every single one of you for being in my Life.  I Love you from the bottom of my Heart.

I took this photograph on February 3rd, (yesterday).  What you are looking at is unheard of for this part of the country.  Never have I seen Crocuses flower at this time of year.  I’m not fully sure what the “Message” is behind this Flower, but when I do look at Her, I attain a sense of Peace and Well-being.

I am stunned by the vibrant colors this Flower is showing.  Did you notice that one of the stamen looks like a Heart?!?  Thank you, Mother, for this Gift even if it is so wrong that this Crocus is flowering at this time of year!  Life really has a way of continuing on, no matter what else is happening.  As this Crocus shows us, against all odds She has brought Her Colors forth.

MF Macro Photography/ “Against All Odds” 2106©AmyRose

155 thoughts on “Against All Odds

    1. Thank you, Bert. Your prayers mean so much. My Mom is an amazing woman and so far she really is doing well, insisting on going on with Life as usual. She in fact, at 81, went to work today driving a total of 2 hours. My goodness that would tire me out!! Like I said, she is amazing!!! It looks like she just is refusing to give up the good fight and has decided to live a bit more. ❤

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear the news about your mum’s illness, but so glad you are able to have a loving relationship with her as her life progresses and yours does too. I send you huge cyber-hugs, My Darling, walk with love and compassion surrounding you and filling your heart and soul with tenderness and so much peace of heart as you walk with your mother on her life’s journey. Take care. xxxx

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    1. God bless you, dearest friend!!! My Mom is actually doing really well, just insisting on going on LIVING. She is amazing and just will not allow anything, not even cancer to destroy her. I call her each and every day and we talk and laugh and just be ourselves outside of cancer. We both refuse to let cancer be the center of our worlds. My Mom has become so dear to me after a long rocky history with her. Your words bring tears to my eyes. They are so softly spoken and filled with such tenderness. Thank you, Mo. Bless you from the bottom of my Heart!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


    1. Thank you! So far my amazing Mom is doing well and she just refuses to cave in. She is going on as usual, even still going to the YMCA. I look at her in total awe. I am so grateful that I still have time to be with her, calling her each day. So much headway has been seen with our relationship as we both are treasuring NOW, every moment we do have. Isn’t that what any of us have? Just NOW. ❤


      1. I would if I could, dear friend. She lives 750 miles away from me and our relationship is by the use of the telephone. I tell her “I love you, Mom” every day and some days our conversations run so long we both have to force ourselves away in order to get to our individual day. She is still working (mostly from home) with a company she holds authority with. She is something else. I have all these precious conversations to remember my Mom by when she is ready to go. ❤


  2. So sorry for all the pain and sadness life continues to throw you and your mother’s way. Your word’s are both inspiring and yet mystifying, at the same time. This motivates me to remember to live in the NOW. For it is all any of us, ever really have. You are strong and courageous in your story sharing, and in life’s battles. Wishing you and yours strong and speedy, energy-healing vibes, peace and happiness, and a very happy holiday season together. God Bless!

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    1. Terry, this was written last year and my Mother presently is doing very very well. She is celebrating her second Christmas since her close call. I have a Christmas post up now that includes her on my Blessings of this year. Much Love, ❤

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