In gaining confidence
BEing ourselves
we loose fear
to show our Truth
regardless of our Season.

MF Macro Photography/ “Confidence” 2016©AmyRose

This photograph of a dormant Rose of Sharon was taken at night with my Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens mounted to my camera and tripod.  The dramatic light effect is from a lit window in the background and from our front porch lights that were turned on.  The contrast seen here is due to me using certain settings in manual mode to again bring drama into the “picture”.    No digital art is used on this photograph.

13 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. I love these photos Amy where you work so hard to capture the image you see and want to share. I also love your beautiful words through which you share your thoughts. It’s s complex package and I always enjoy it.

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  2. Hey, you cut me off at the pass with that information. Is that an attempt at having to avoid repeatedly explaining yourself in the comments? Heh, heh! Anyway, gorgeous shot. Is that a bud that was frozen in snow? The light from the porch light makes it look like it was shot inside which adds to the allure.

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