Solitude of Silence (2 IMAGES)


To my shocked eyes, most of the snow that had fallen here is now gone.  So, I am taking this opportunity before the next snowfall comes to clean, do laundry, and address my cats’ needs.  While I am doing such, I plan on editing a few more Winter Wonder Land photographs for your viewing pleasure and publish them.  The image above evoked so many emotions, but above all the Solitude of the Silence was so very Present.  There I stood on Holy Ground.

Comments will be closed over the weekend.  Please enjoy the incredible Beauty I experienced last week.  I will be talking to you soon next week.  Have a Glorious Weekend, my friends!!!


In closing, here I am, lit up like a Bright Light, glowing with happiness in the forest I have come to really Love.  Hi, friends!!  Notice the vest I am wearing that carries my Canon.  That is new and again my friend Dan recommended it.  I LOVE this “Cotton Carrier Camera Vest” because now I can carry my Canon without stress to my neck.  Also, my arms look huge in this pic …. LOL.  It was not easy to gain this much distance to get this picture to include my camera vest and the gorgeous view behind me.  ENJOY!!

Photography/ “Solitude Of Silence” 2016©AmyRose