Marshmallow Snow


It is a darn good thing I went to Chestnut Ridge Park yesterday to get pictures because as of this writing it is 50°F, and all the beautiful marshmallow snow is now gone.  I don’t remember who told me, but whoever said that this year I would have to chase the snow in order to photograph it, was absolutely correct.  Don’t worry.  I took many gorgeous images yesterday to show you even when I again see green grass.

I may have to rethink the ice cleats I wore on the bottom of my boots yesterday because last evening I didn’t know where I wasn’t sore and aching.  Today though, I seem fine, so perhaps it is just that I have to adjust to wearing them.  Also, I want to reassure you that the “difficulties” I had yesterday had nothing to do with falling.  I had a very embarrassing moment which I am not about to tell you.  Sorry.  As it is, when I told my sister what happened, she laughed.  Yep, she did!  So that right there ought to tell you I did not hurt myself!

Please enjoy another gorgeous snow image while I am catching up on the mountain of comments I have yet to answer from “Heading Home”.  Speaking of, my comments on this post will be closed.  While I am typing, I give you Beauty to gaze upon.  I have SO many images from yesterday I honestly don’t know which ones to choose.  *sigh*  The life of me …. (smile)

Photography/ “Marshmallow Snow” 2016©AmyRose

[Comments closed.  Image taken with my Canon 50D.]