It is going down to the single digits tonight, a drastic change from temperatures being in the 40’s to 50’s (F).  One of the barn cats from next door is both ill with diarrhea who we have been treating, and who is deaf.  Today he came over to our front door, something he has been doing, but he refused to go back to the barn.

This cat is smart.  He does not have the bulk nor the winter fur to survive in these temps.  Our Hearts already twisting knowing we cannot bring him into this house, knew we had to figure something out.  Upon opening the garage door, Echo ran inside our garage and would not budge.

So, we assessed and my husband is the one who decided to make him a nest with a heating pad and it was my suggestion to bring a small heater we have from our basement to put near Echo’s food and nest.  Having an extra litter pan, that was put out in the garage with litter and being the good boy he is, he already used it.

Today we helped one cat to stay warm and fed throughout one very frigid night.  Over the next few days the temperatures will once again be warmer, so we can breathe a little bit better as Echo returns to the barn.

If we could, we would bring this cat in, without hesitation.  Echo has developed an uncanny bond to my husband and in doing so, a very strong Heart bond has developed between the two of them.  We are doing our very best for all involved.

Hope all of you had a wonderful day!!  If things go as planned, I will be publishing my open comments post on Tuesday.  May all of you have a good night!!!

Photograph/ “Echo” 2016©Amy Rose

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