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My friends, IF what I am being shown by Mother is any indication of what is to come this Winter, we all are in for the treat of our Lives.  I am stunned.  The Beauty that I am seeing in all the bareness that surrounds us now, has me with my mouth hanging wide open saying, “No way!” and with a Heart that has great anticipation for Winter to get here!  This is the very first time in my Life that I am falling in Love with this time of year.  Every other year I have had dread in my Heart, but not this year!!!  OH MY GOSH!  I am in LOVE!  *lump in throat*

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I wish I could have edited every single image I took, about 50 of them just for you.  They are all amazing!  It took a lot of looking through on my part to select the four that I did that are posted here today.  These images will now give you an idea of what I do and see as I walk my 7 mile walk up and down huge, massive hills.  I am SO proud of myself I could just jump up and down for JOY!  This is the first time in my Life that I am accomplishing what I am!  And it feels SO good!

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As I walk, my eyes are drawn to the Light, the form, the incredible sights, as my nose inhales deeply the succulent smells of this forest.  At one point in my walk, I just stopped, throwing my arms wide open as I looked up to the sky and said with tears in my eyes, “I AM ALIVE!!!  I AM ALIVE!!!”  Another time I couldn’t help myself by yelling a huge and loud YIPPEE as I was about to go down then up a huge hill!!! Here I gooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

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Weeeeeeeee ….. That was so much fun!!  I literally flew!

To prove to you that I really walked 7 miles look at the picture below.  I know I know.  I could have cheated and turned the pedometer to the number 7, but since I don’t cheat, you will just have to take my word for it that I really walked 7 miles.  (OK, so I am a wee short of 7.  Can you give me the credit, though?)

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When I arrived at mile 3  I snapped the next picture and sent it to my sister who I am now inspiring to get back to walking.  I was psyched!  Take a good look at what I am wearing.  Temperatures the day of this walk ranged from 32 to 36 degrees F.  Friends, that is c-c-c-cold!  Determined to adjust to the elements this year, I have decided to wear layers.

Layer one I wore a cotton turtle neck with layer two a runners’ shirt made to keep body heat in.  Layer three was a sweatshirt and layer four was my 100% polyester Polarctic technology vest.  On my head I wore a hat while on my hands my photographer mitts.  My legs had on stretch runners’ pants with jeans over them and on my feet cotton socks and my brand new Brooks sneakers.  I was warm and again SO proud of me because last year would have found me bundled up in a very warm coat!  Notice the pink cheeks.  That is from the chill of the air!  And the fast walking, of course.

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When I arrived at mile 6 I felt so high I thought I was going to sprout wings and fly!  Of course my Brooks sneakers really did make me feel like I could fly, but all those miles I had just walked, and really moving at that, OH!, I was just SO alive!!!  YES!!!  I can do this!!! Oh heck!  I am doing this! *face a bit more red as is thumb*

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As I approached mile 7, I groaned out loud.  Wouldn’t you know it, the entire last mile was uphill all the way!  My legs began to protest.  Oh, heavens, I honestly couldn’t get back to my car fast enough even though my legs felt like lead.  I huffed and I puffed urging my legs to keep on going … no one was about to come to my rescue!  Oh that’s right, when I started my walk it was a piece of cake going downhill.  By the time I got back to my car, sat down, it hit me and then some.  I really walked 7 miles …. click!  *Do I dare show this?*

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Yes, I agree it took a lot of nerve on my part to show this last photo, but I laughed so hard when I saw it, and harder still when I edited it, I just had to give you a laugh too!  My sense of humor is returning in spades!! I am having so much fun not just in walking but laughing with me!! My face says it all, does it not?  I would like to see you walk those hills I just showed you here, and remember, those are only a few of the hills I walk.  The entire 7 miles are hills!!

In closing, IF I can walk as I am doing, a woman who after a severe back injury and two back surgeries was not walking for almost two years, now if that very same woman can prove to herself that YES!! she can accomplish what she is, then darn it, so can you!  I have elected to walk (Last time I timed myself I was doing a 5 mile walk on those hills in 1 hour and 15 minutes.) plus a weekly class I take that is called Body Flow that is a combination of Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi.  Again, IF I can do it, then so can you!!

Photography/ “I AM ALIVE!!” 2015©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com

Photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone and edited in PS/LR.  I have really been rethinking things regarding lugging my very heavy Canon equipment to photograph my Winter Landscapes.

Photography of Chestnut Ridge County Park.


174 thoughts on “I AM ALIVE!!! (8 IMAGES)

    1. Oh, Barbara!!! Your comment totally took me off guard. I am stunned and I am really touched. Bless you from the bottom of my Heart for coming here today and writing what you did. I don’t comments like this much. I SO appreciate them when I do. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU thank YOU!!! Well deserved pat on the back for me!!! Tee hee …. I did a 5 miler today with hubby. We walked up the Mother _____ Hill (laughing!) and I kept on going as fast as I could … hubby struggled. I do more walking then he BUT today his curiosity got pulled at as he really began to see all the trails there are to explore. YAY, the little kid in hubby is waking up!!!! OH for the JOY!!!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. MM, due to me playing Santa right now that post won’t be up until SATURDAY, hopefully. I just cannot handle comments and blogging right now until I get out of the way all I must get done. I’m only doing a small amount compared to many others, but even this is just so much for me. Thank goodness Christmas only comes once a year!! Whew!! Love, Amy ❤


  1. You know, Mom Bonzo – you are absolutely beautiful – in every sense of the word -(trust me, kats know these things)! 😺

    You are so flippin inspiring!! And what lovely work you do! You took the human and I on a lovely walk this morning -and she feels like she could fly!!

    (But she’d better not try it, because she flippin BETTER be here to feed me)!😾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, Shrimp!!! My good dear freind KAT, Shrimp!! How I adore you! You make me blush with your compliment for that coming from a KAT is of the highest in nature. I am so happy you enjoy Petals and you are another “sign” for me to continue what I do here. Petals has grown SO big that lately I honestly struggle to keep up, so again I have to figure out changes so that I am not struggling so much.
      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I wish ONLY the very best for you and for your human, my dear friend! With BIG (((HUGS))) Mom BonZo ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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