Peace Begins

LR edited (1 of 1)

Praying for Peace
is all well and good,
yet if Peace is not present
in our daily lives
Peace just will not BE …
for Peace begins
with you and with me.

Photography/ “Peace Begins” 2015©

Photograph of Charlie, 9-year male cat with FLUTD taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone and edited in PS/LR.

*Friends, I am keeping comments open with no promises to reply.  Hmmmm … seems as if I have said that before and I seem to always reply.  Well, perhaps not this time.   I am behind the scenes putting together a multi-photo post, a very special one, for your viewing pleasure.  This is time consuming.  Sooooooo, IF I don’t answer your comments, keep in mind I am a busy bee putting together Honey for you.  (smile)  I do however promise to read what you have written, for I adore your comments.  Deal?*

51 thoughts on “Peace Begins

  1. I had one like this, named her Priscilla. And just as Irene said, take the time you need. We all love you, and we know what you have been thru this past year, and last year as well. If you need strength, please know I have some to share. You can always lean on me when you feel the need to lean on a friend. Love, Hugs, Peace. Angie

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  2. We have two Tuxedo cats. They are sisters and Charlie looks like he could be part of their litter. Such a handsome boy! I’m looking forward to whatever you’re cooking up for us Amy. Wishing us all peace as we get ready to move to a new year.

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    1. *tiptoeing in* Hubby is spending time over a friend’s house and I am taking this opportunity to sit down to put the forthcoming post together. I don’t get chances like this often between he and our cats. LOL
      As for this cat, I have let’s see …. I have SIX tuxedo cats! Yup, true, and they are all related (of course! …. we rescued them!).
      I’m cooking up something so delicious, Dan …. I might have time later or tomorrow to stop by your blog. I know I clicked like but I would really like to read your post today.
      OK …. tiptoeing out …. OH, my new gravatar is a “preview” of the post I am working on. T’is a toss between steal your breath away beauty and humor. Tee hee ….. ❤

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    1. It’s beginning to look like I MAY have time to answer comments, Marissa. I’ll see. My gravatar is a “preview” of what is to come. Anyways, I edited this image a bit differently going after the painting effect again. I Love how the background came out … that is one of our trees in our yard.
      As I go about what I have to do today on top of putting this post together, I think how to best organize this post. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. GRIN! ❤


  3. A special post? Just for me? Now I’m filled with suspense! And I liked what you said about peace! Peace has to come from within, and begins with forgiveness. I await your efforts with bated breath… You don’t have to answer this, though I will be filled with a sense of despair and rejection, and will repeatedly bash my head into a hard pillow!

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    1. Not to worry, Darrell, …. I will not let you fall into the pit of despair. I just finished this very special post, and because I have a slight headache I go rest my eyes. This post will be up tomorrow with bells on. You will SEE the tremendous Gifts Mother has been presenting me with already, and the snow is yet to fall. Wow!!! ❤


      1. I think you’re gonna thrill us all this winter! I just think you’re on a train that just won’t ever stop for passengers… You’ve got to much living to do! Thank goodness someone invented a camera… I can feel your vibes all the way over here!

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      2. That last walk did it! I got zinged with LIFE! YOWZA!! I am so alive, my friend! And so grateful to be alive! I almost died twice … so yes, I have much to be grateful for!!! Love you, Darrell!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. Hey Amy … no need to reply. We all understand the blessings and challenges of blogging.
    Keep on doing what makes you happy and don’t let those who judge keep you down (re: previous post)

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    1. Laurie! It is SO good to see you! Yes I know the challenges of blogging … and then throw in there life … LOL. I’ve put together a multi-photo, 1,000 word post for tomorrow which for me is a lot of time and effort. The “message” behind this post though urged my Heart to do it, so I am.
      And about being judged … I’ve gone beyond that, my friend. I will not allow the small minds and cold hearts of this world to clog up my world. I just have too much liviing to do.
      I hope all is well your way and with your Loved Ones. I’ll be on over to see you probably tomorrow. I’ve only answered a few comments today, plan on finishing tomorrow and do my visiting as well. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


  5. Charlie is beautiful. I search for peace each day and find i tin bits and pieces, and those bits and pieces carry me over to bedtime when I cam watch the glory of the sunset.
    Mama Nature and my Ali kitty never abandon me and always fill my heart with love and awe.

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    1. You take care of yourself, Ruth, and find that Peace any way you can. Remember Angels are always with you to help you with all you do. I as well turn to my Mother and my cats to sustain me, so that I can continue my walk throughout Life with Love and Peace in my Heart. Sending you BIG (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


  6. My oldest daughter simply called her black cat with white chest, paws and tip of tail, Tux. He ran away when she had my first grandson. Maybe jealousy and we hope not because he was an outside- inside cat. I am happy for your new adventure, Amy. ♡♡ You are always specisl to me, even when my end is busy and silent. Hugs, Robin

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    1. Honey, I responded to one other of your comments, and please don’t ever apologize. It’s a miracle I am on here at all. My Life has gotten so incredibly busy! Sick cats, special needs cats, a grouch called husband, incorporating new into my life and struggling to get things settled, playing Santa for my Mom and niece … And that isn’t even touching what I want to do for Christmas for other family members plus my own right here in this house. Blog, photography, new, struggles. Dealing with losses, and I almost lost my Mom recently. I am just having SO much fun spoiling her, by sending her gifts in the mail that she cannot open until Christmas. LOL She has gained her inner child with her close call and all we do is have fun and laugh!! NEVER before, Robin, have we been like this. I have tears in my eyes as I write these words. Be Blessed and know that you are Loved by me, and that God and His Angels are watching over you and your family!!!! If I don’t see you before …. MERRY CHRISTMAS, my dear friend!!! Love, Amy ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. I do not know if you saw my photo (new today) under the comments section (yes I changed again!) but it is a bigger version of my new gravatar’s image. Proof is in the pudding. There is no doubt what I see on my face …. PEACE. I kept staring at me because I really don’t see my face as much as others do. So this is what is seen? How glorious! I have arrived, dear friend! For Peace to show this much on one’s face, you KNOW it is deeply planted in that one’s Heart!!! Love, Amy ❤

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