Lady Gold

58 thoughts on “Lady Gold”

  1. You made your own myth for this one Amy! I love it! The effects make it look like a gift wrapped in gold. It also looked a bit like a city scene was imposed over the trees, like a lit up city at night. Do you see that?

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    1. Exactly! I have a few filters on this image and a city was one of them. LOL You are really observant! I was so excited when I came up with a fairy tale of all things. I felt like a kid!!! LOL I am SO glad you enjoyed this, Marissa!!!! Love, Amy ❤


    1. I’m playing, dear friend. Just experimenting. I have a couple more that I am thinking of showing at Petals. I know you followed me on Instagram. I posted them there if you are curious. (smile) I fixed them up a bit in PS to show them on Petals. Have a great day, Laura!! Love, Amy ❤

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      1. Play away! I play a lot in PS. It’s fun to experiment. I will admit, I’m not the best instagram follower so don’t hate me! I’m kind of skimming the surface everywhere these days.

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      2. Laura, I am far from serious over at Instagram. I just post. My focus is just to post pics, that is about all. I can barely keep up with blogging. LOL How many brains do I have anyway?????? LOL

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    1. I actually blended two filters with the photograph to come up with this image. I have been playing LOL and have a few more up my sleeve to show here. The kid in me has been having a lot of fun lately. Hehehehehe SO glad you enjoyed this, Eliza!!! Love, Amy ❤

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