Mind Over Matter

FFor my mother.
Mom, I am just so proud of the progress you have made!  I Love you!

LR edited (1 of 1)-2For reasons I do not know
Source placed me precariously
on very steep and rocky terrain
forcing me

to cling so tenaciously
to Life itself.
Yet here I am
despite my circumstance
shining for all who see
my bright glorious Light
just to prove
nothing is impossible
when Mind is over Matter.

Photography/ “Mind Over Matter” 2015©AmyRose

[Photograph taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone.]

60 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter

      1. I do and I love you. It’s probably because of the privacy setting. Sorry my love. I prefer the intimacy of being able to say what I want to my friends. You are a user on it. I just don’t think the link from the avatar allows you access.

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    1. You are welcome, David. I have one more post that I know will benefit you. That one will be up over the next couple of days. I am SO happy I can be of assistance to you. Love, Amy ❤


      1. Mom is in a normal hospital room and family has been asked not to call or visit YET. She is truly exhausted and needs to sleep to gain her strength. If you understood what this woman just went through, you would know it is a miracle she is alive and doing as well as she is. When I see her I will be giving her such a HUGE HUG is aint even funny!!! ❤


    1. Thank you, Val! Just received news she has been moved into a regular room and hopefully will be home by Sunday. OH! This has been one huge ordeal for this family! We have all been asked not to visit or call … my mother is exhausted from being in the ICU and confused. She needs as much sleep as one can get in a hospital. There will be time enough to visit when she is home!! Love, Amy ❤

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      1. Bless you, Val. My mom is so exhausted that a request has been made to not call YET. So we are all cooporating, knowing how important and healing it is for my mom to sleep. BIG step for her. She hopes to be home by Sunday! Prayers have been non-stop. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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    1. Dan, I just received news my mother has been moved into a regular room and hopefull will be home by this Sunday. We all have been asked not to call or visit because she is extremely exhausted, and showing signs of confusion from being in the ICU so long …. 9 days. This is not uncommon and the only cure for this is sleep and rest, and a reorientation to day and night. I think this entire family can breathe a bit easier now! Love, Amy ❤

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  1. That’s right! If YOU don’t mind, IT doesn’t matter… I like your poem Amy! And I’m so glad your mom is doing well! I like the picture too! But then, I like everything. I trust you and your family are all well. I trust? WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ME???

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    1. YOU trust? Well I’ll be darn! A feather could knock me over! But in all seriousness, my mother pulled through an ordeal that most of us in this family did not expect her to make. She has a long recovery ahead of her. We all hope she can be home by Sunday. This will be her first day in a normal hospital room after 9 days in the CICU. Family is allowing her to rest and sleep so no calls or visits yet. She has to get strong and we all understand. She is really ill, Darrell. I haven’t said on Petals how ill, but just know she is. The two surgeries she had were a desperate means to give her more time then what the docs told her she has remaining. We are strong this family and as soon as she is up to it, mom will get visitors. Thank you, friend, for your concern! It has been one very very very tough couple of weeks. Love, (((HUGS))) and kisses, Amy ❤


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