My Backyard


I have a new toy.  I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 cell phone.  I bit the bullet and now have joined the ranks of all of you who have cell phones.

This photograph was taken this morning of our backyard with the camera in this phone.  I am just at the experimenting part of what I can do with this camera.  In the meantime, you are looking at a historical landmark, the first image I posted on Petals taken with this camera.  I did not edit through PS and LR, so I know this picture could be improved in the editing room.  I just have so much on my plate right now to really fuss.

Comments will be closed.  I am SO far behind in comments, I couldn’t possibly add any more.  Please just enjoy my Gift to you today.  Sending my Love to all of you!!!

Photography/ “My Backyard” 2015©AmyRose