Wings Deep Yellow

For Molly

LR edited (1 of 1)

Wings deep Yellow
Spun from Softest Gold
Spread wide to fly
High so high!
To the Land of Light
Never to again feel
pain,  sorrow,  fear
As all that is revealed
With Magnificent Might
Beauty Forever Bright.

Macro Photography/ “Wings Deep Yellow” 2015©AmyRose

[This Rose is blooming now in my garden.  Photograph taken 10-12-15.]

73 thoughts on “Wings Deep Yellow

      1. I feel very happy to hear that Amy. You don’t need to go down, you have so many to live for and they need you too, my dear friend. Molly is free from suffering, which is better than living in pain.
        Much love, Irene

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    1. Yes, Jodi, my Heart will always miss my Molly, but today I begin to let go of the tears and agony, in order to live Life with Joy again. My Heart smiles through tears as I choose once again, the Beauty around me. Love, Amy ❤

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    1. I have begun letting go today, Richard. I am wiping the tears and finding my smile again. Molly is no longer suffering and for this, I turn my eyes to Beauty to find my Balance and Joy. Thank you for your kindness! Love, Amy ❤

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  1. Dear Amy,
    I have always been following your work of course, and can’t imagine all the emotions you’ve been going through. I hope you don’t misunderstand my ‘lack’ of comments. I figured you’re overwhelmed with so many messages of warmth, and wanted to give you some space. As always, thinking of you. And always appreciating the beauty you share with us.
    Takami ❤

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    1. Takami, I not once thought anything but Love towards you. I knew you yourself have been going through rough waters and probably could not handle all the intensity in my own life. You would not ever hurt me intentionally, so no worries. I “see” your Heart, my friend, and all is well between us. May you have a Blessed Day, and may Peace fill your Heart along with Joy. Love, Amy ❤

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  2. Stunning photo Amy.
    I’m very sorry about your Molly. I lost both my babies this year and it has been harder than I ever expected. Maybe Molly wanted you to know she’s just fine now. 😉 Hugs and Peace to you!

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    1. I am SO glad you picked up on the Love in this Rose, Laura. I was stunned when I saw what I had in my editor. Of course I made Her look soft with emphasis on the Light that She was showing. All in all, a True Gift from Mother. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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      1. Hi Amy,
        Yes, been a crazy few months here, both with work and our general situation over here. Not had time to do much at all, sadly. Even my own blogging efforts are limited to minutes here and there, as you’ve probably seen. But yep, still here, alive n kicking x

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    1. Yes, Susan, you are so right. Now is the adjustment to fit back the pieces of my Life without the physical presence of Molly. Today a thought passed through my mind, where Molly was for the breakfast meal. I stood still realizing what I had done. And still I insisted to have a good day, which I did! Love you, my friend! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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    1. I have other Roses as well that are blooming. I’m kind of stuck here not able to close up gardens due to bushes still growing and blooming. I do believe I will be at least preparing the manure/leaves mixture this week. Temps are beginning to drop. 😦 Love, Amy ❤

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      1. Let go… She will always stay in your heart, you gave so much love to her.
        When Mackenzie (our dog) died, I cried every day when I drove home from work for over a year.
        Take care, Amy (((HUGS)))

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      2. Oh, Amy, so sorry to hear about Mackenzie. I told my hubs last night of I gave in to.the Valley of Tears inside of me, I probably would not reappear for about 3 years. I have had so many losses ..
        Today was so beautiful as with quiet music playing, hubs and just rested with our cat family in our living room. Deep Peace prevailed and I could honestly feel Molly smiling. I know there will still be days of tears. I am so grateful for today. >3 >3 >3

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  3. Ahhh..this rose looks like Molly. (((HUGS))) ❤️🌹💗 So difficult I know. They bless us in many ways. Much love to you Amy.


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