A Way Will Be Made

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Regardless how bleak
Life looks
and what seems impassable
mountains ahead
always … always …
a way will be made
allowing passage ahead.

Friends and Family, my mother survived two very intense surgeries.  At this time one daughter is with her, with other members of the family making plans to get to the hospital where our mother is.  This hospital is hours driving time away from all of my family, so this is not an easily accessible hospital to get to.

I have my hands full, dealing with some cats who are showing major signs of depression over Molly which could possibly lead to serious symptoms of the health issues they live with.  I also have one cat who requires immediate ear surgery which cannot be put off.  That needs to be addressed this coming week.  The timing of everything that is happening could not be worse for everyone involved.  All of us our doing his or her best to address their individual lives and to get to our mother.

Waiting for phone calls throughout the day regarding my mother’s condition, which is critical right now, is unbearable, so I MUST stay busy.  I do not know what this day shall bring, so saying this, I do not know if I will be able to answer comments.  I am doing my best in a Life Crisis wanting to get on the next plane to get to my mother, yet due to the circumstances in my Life, am not able to.  She is in Raleigh, NC and I in NY.  Here again, it is not a simple matter of getting into my car and driving to get to her.

I thank each one of you for your thoughts, prayers, and intentions for my mother and our family.  This has really been a very critical time for my family, all of us reeling.  Just two weeks ago my mother was still driving and working and now she is critically ill, fighting for her life.  Bless all of you for your assistance.

Photography/ “A Way Will Be Made” 2015©AmyRose

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