Friends and Family, I am reaching out to you asking for prayer for my Mother.  She is gravely ill at this time and is facing an extremely risky and invasive surgery tomorrow (Friday morning).  I know the power of focused thought, intention, and/or prayer.  I am at this time unable to be with her because of the continuing serious situations within my cat family that are occurring.  She does not live locally where I do.  I’ve been keeping in close contact with family who are presently with our Mother.

 I thank each and every one of you for assisting my Mother to survive the surgery and afterwards, face a very long and arduous journey to get well.  Bless you!


Firmly founded in Centered-ness
Finds Peace and Calm
in Troubled Times.

Photography/ “Centered-ness” 2015©AmyRose

[Comments are closed.  I will be in prayer until I hear my Mother has survived the surgery.]