The Gaping Holes Of Life

This post is dedicated to Gigi as a huge thank you for assisting me in a time of my Life when so much Light is gone.  Bless you, my friend, for reaching me at the exact Moment I could reach out.  I Love you.


When you find
yourself in a deep dark
gaping hole
that at one time held
Life so dear,
figure out how to fill
that deep dark
gaping hole
with Beauty Delight
And the Will to Live
in order to go on Living.

This photograph was taken in front of our home at the end of August.  There was a break in a 20″ main water line, and thanks to my husband this leak was identified and repaired.  He kept writing emails to those people from our local town authorities informing them of this leak.  Months of repeatedly sending emails, inclusive of documentation on a video of the visible water dripping into our water ditch, finally got the results that were needed.

When the crew of men and many huge machines were here, that crew worked without leaving, without rest, without a proper meal for over 26 hours.  I was shocked!  I even spoke to the foreman’s supervisor saying how dangerous it was to have these men work around the clock getting this leak repaired.  Those men need commending!  An outstanding job they did!  Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, yet they continued on, despite the unforeseen occurrences that happened, and they did get that job done.

I am taking these men’s examples of getting the job done, and no matter how much has “gone wrong” in my Life I will persevere until I find a way to fill this gaping hole in my Life that was known as Molly and Me with my Creations of Beauty and Love.

Photography/ “The Gaping Holes In Life” 2015©AmyRose

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