Blood Moon — September 27, 2015 (Con’t) (2 IMAGES)

52 thoughts on “Blood Moon — September 27, 2015 (Con’t) (2 IMAGES)”

  1. I was just telling your cousin Mark, I actually went out tonight to see a friend’s band at about 7, looked for the moon for the entire 45 minutes or so over and nothing. By the time we came out, the moon was completely clouded over…something like the top image but I couldn’t even see the moon through the top of the cloud. Bummer. Your images are super clear and fantastic as usual. Happy for people like you and Mark so I can see what I couldn’t in person.

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  2. These are great Amy. I wanted to get some photos, but I didn’t want to drive to a place where I could get good ones because…well for a bunch of reasons. I have two crummy photos that I probably won’t be posting. I mention that because I understand that getting good photos takes time and effort. Thank you for taking the time, making the effort and sharing the results.

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  3. Thank you Amy! Beautiful red moon!! Couldn’t see it from my house as complete cloud cover here. It was a gray sky with a red hue. Thank you so very much! ❤️😊❤️

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  4. Thank you Amy! I am so happy you could get these pictures! Both of them are great! I only got a couple of partial shots of the supermoon on a very cloudy sky before the eclipse started around 9 p.m….then I waited outside for a little gap in the clouds but nothing. Enjoying your shots the more!!

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  5. Amy these are wonderful.. I was up at 2-30am and watched the whole thing.. clear skies here in the UK.. beautiful.. as are your captures.. Something I doubt to see again 🙂 in 2033 🙂
    Hope you are well dear Amy.. sending you lots of love.. And I took photos with my little camera.. they look like dots lol 🙂 xxx so will not publish them.. haha….

    Big Hugs my friend Sue ❤

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  6. AmyRose this is so beautiful and I wanted to comment just once for all! I love your sweet heart and I have not gotten around to visit much! I love the post for Gigi! I am saddened for you and heavy hearted about your Molly! I pray for comfort for you and peace! Angels surround you with their light! Much love to you AmyRose! I do apologize for not coming sooner to thank you for your sweet visit when my girl was in the hospital! Blessings to you and much much love! ❤

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  7. Good gracious! Yours turned out fabulously, my sweet Amy! Mine, not so much. But I ran into the next door neighbors, whom I hadn’t seen in ages, when they came out to look too, so the evening was a success anyhow. 😀 All the better now that I get to see some really beautiful shots of what we’d all come out to see. 😉

    Love and hugs,

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    1. How you made me smile, Kathyrn! Good gracious? Love it! I spent so much time getting shots of the moon my neck and upper back cramped and spasmed and I had to quite 15 minutes before the full eclipse. Yet the shots I did get are outstanding! I only posted a few of those shots but I have close to 300 frames. Don’t ask what I will do with them. I do not know. (smile) Save them for prosperity? I’m SO happy you enjoyed my shots of the moon!! It was quite the experience, one I will never forget. Love and (((HUGS))) back to you, my friend, Amy ❤


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