Created In Love


Having been Created in Love
means simply
who we are IS Love
so when we choose
fear over Love
we in actuality
deny our Truth of who we are
therefore living an illusion
we ourselves have created,
creations not of the One
who Created us.

MF Macro Photography/ “Created In Love 2015©AmyRose

[This is an extremely tiny tiny flower and to photograph the even tinier aspect of this flower that I did, was very challenging.  My hands shook and I held my breath for long periods of time while I did all I could to bring this tiny aspect of this very tiny flower into perfect view.  Do you see the HEART formed by this flower?  Now do you understand why I chose this flower to accompany this post?]

69 thoughts on “Created In Love

      1. Ame, as I have told several people beginning today I start closing down my gardens. My blogging is going to be very sporatic for a while. So if you don’t see me over at your site, I am not being rude. I want to get this over with so that I can have more time here. Wishing I was about 3 more people then I am now. (smile) Have a great day, my friend. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


  1. This is so beautiful Amy. The texture of the flower is so soft and the color is amazing. I have tried on many occasions to photograph the tiny flowers (some call them weeds) in our yard and I know how hard it is. I’ve gotten some good pictures, but NOTHING like this. Very nicely done.

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    1. Thank YOU, Dan, for the feedback and the encouragement. I never did make it over to your site. Life on my end has gotten busy. I’m just about ready to start the closing of my gardens. I’ll do my best to get over to see you if I can. With the passing of Fall, I will have more time to devote to blogging. Have a really GREAT day!!! Love, Amy ❤

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    1. Oh, Cher!!! Thank YOU so much!!! I’ve currently stepped into my busy phase of gardening …. closing up shop. I hope to stop by your blog when I have more time. Bless you for stopping by mine. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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      1. Ah, bless! Thank YOU so much, Amy! Well that certainly takes priority, getting the gardening completed! I love your blog! You are always welcome here so sometime after your gardening, please stop by!! Big hugs, Cher xo

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  2. I was created by IBM. LOL! What a beautiful flower!! I see your stamens are making out: ‘Where have all the flower condems gone?’ I fail to see why we should get all worked up over a simple biological function… Being a professional micro-chip, I know where-of I speak! I have a heart… It’s on display at The Smithsonian Institute if you’re interested.

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      1. Oh you dirty girl! LOL! Hmmm… As it stands, we got a warning to Ontario residents, as a threat to our lives!! They said they’d keep us posted…

        Ontario is far too insignificant for it to concern anything more than and oncoming disaster of some sort.

        And another strange thing… My address bar started from The U.S. of A! Yet when I rebooted, it was gone! That could mean that Ontario no longer has a Network. Not good if that were so. That would mean we’re cut off from the rest of the world!

        Another scenario wood bee that huge underground super-volcano is over due. That would send all of Canada into a nuclear winter.

        Rumor has it that an asteriod is on its way! Mummy!

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      2. Did you not hear? The stars are falling! One fell on top of my head tonight! And it seems Ontario being right above me would feel the falling stars even more! Only the Moon hung on for dear dear life and is still in the sky. I also know bats are on the loose eating millions of bugs. That’s good. I saw leaves green yesterday on trees and today on the ground. And Robins? Wouldn’t you know they are still around when they are supposed to be migrating? As for glitches on my computer I cannot get on a site I belong to, keeps kicking me out. Giving me the boot. Now aint that somethin’!
        Be safe and watch your head! The sky is falling! Mums the word! Promise!


      3. LOL! Yes, a lot of things aren’t what they should be. It IS true the Poop is going to make a big anouncement to the entire world September 22nd. I’m planning on being in the world that day in particular: probably just wants to tell us to behave ourselves and stop monkeying around with the planet. It IS odd Robins won’t migrate. What they’re eating is probably full of drugs and Pepsi residue… Don’t start me on computers! Gates can take his Windows 10 and &%#*!! As if we don’t have enough virgins of opperating systems already! Once a Clutz… And yes! Mums the woid! Have you got your secret decoder ring ready just in case? LOL!

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      1. A-HA! I thought someone was out in my gardens stealing my Lavender! Thath was you, Shrimp, you little rascal. Some helper you are! Now I have to go get the scattered Lavender you left all over my grass. 😬👣👣👣👣😁

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      2. You’re welcome sweetie!

        Please purray fur Serafina and the Creature and her parents! The human went over to their house today to Feed Serafina and she wasn’t there – and the Creature’s Mom thought she had been inside when they left to take the Creature to school and go to work today! The human stayed at their house all day trying to find Serafina and waiting for her to come home, but she’s still missing! Everyone’s worried sick!

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      3. OH NO!!!! I will purray! Oh Serafina just had to come home. She will, Shrimp. She will! Cats are amazing how they come back when they get out. She knows she is LOVED and she will come back. I’m coming on by to see if there is any news. I’m here, Shrimp. I’m purraying!!!! Love, Mom BonZo ❤ ❤ ❤

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      4. Oh you can relax now human – a few hours later she came back! She has gotten crafty about slithering outside – Appurently she was safe all along – just ignoring everyone because she wanted to stay out!!👀

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  3. Beautiful macro shot, Amy. Wouldn’t have guessed it was a small flower until you said so. Such a lovely poem too. We are all indeed made up of love – it comes from the heart and through positive though each action that we make. The more positive we are, the more love we can give ❤

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