Coming Undone

64 thoughts on “Coming Undone

  1. Amy, before I even read your lovely words, I felt as if I was coming apart at the seams. That photo invokes a true sense of motion. Very nicely done. If that’s untouched, it’s remarkable. If you spent some time with it, you did a fantastic job!

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    1. Actually, Dan, it really is untouched. All I did was balance the contrast and made sure the image came in clearly. There is a sense of motion with this I think because my point of focus was on the red petal which was behind the main flower. And because of the f/stop I used. I was amazed when I saw this image. I asked how did I get the movement in this? I’m still scratching my head. The flower reminded me of a spool of thread and then the words just came … as you see. 🙂 Thank YOU for the pat on the back. I’m still trying to figure out what I did. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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      1. As soon as I read spool of thread, I saw how you got there. Great photo. It’s your skill and knowledge of where to focus and what an F-stop is that allowe dyou to keep this out of PhotoShop. I would have had to drag this in to get that effect.

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    1. Andy, as with all in Life, this too is a process. To Love oneself proves to be very challenging at times, for we have been taught to Love ourselves is “wrong” or “selfish”. Yet, if we do not Love ourselves firstly, how then will anyone else Love us if we even don’t know how to Love us? When we turn inward to seek the council of the One that lives in our Hearts, that One will teach us what True Love is. With Love, Amy ❤

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    1. Yes, yes, oh yes, John, I know. Some peeps just seem to have a short fuse. Yet if they honestly could see that they really truly will not come undone, then perhaps they wouldn’t have such a short fuse. I dunno. (smile) Glad you enjoyed this post today, my friend. Love, Amy ❤


    1. Thank you, Tiny. I am touched this message spoke to you. The words I have been getting are just so powerful leaving me in their wake, in such a state of complete awe. At times, after the words are written, I sit unable to move, for the intense feeling of LOVE I feel. Ever since my Dad passed, my friend, both my photography and my words have gained in strength, boldness, and the depth of Love has so increased. I really am in awe of myself. And so humbled that the Spirit that flows through me and within me, trusts me to be the “messenger”. Humbled is putting things mildly as how I feel. Have a great evening, my friend in Florida from the salt marshes. (smile) Sending SO Much Love to you! Love, Amy ❤

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    1. Ken, I tried to comment on your site about the wood spider but had problems. Just wanted you to know I did not think any of your shots were out of focus or blurry and are in fact, excellent. Beautiful spider, gorgeous web! ❤


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