Cloak Of Love


As we learn to
emerge courageously
wearing the Cloak of Love,
that Love shall expand
to not only our entire BEings
but to those around us
as well.

In this way
the Spirit of Love
will dance and weave
growing exponentially,
as a Great Glorious Tapestry
changes all It touches by
Its’ Holy Presence.

MF Macro Photography/ “Cloak Of Love” 2015©AmyRose

87 thoughts on “Cloak Of Love

    1. Thank you, so much, Irene. It is kind of hard to actually see, but this rose was growing half pink and half red, when its true color is red. I found that fascinating. So glad you enjoyed this today! May you have a PEACEFUL day today! Love, Amy ❤

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    1. Yes, Erika, that is what I found so fascinating! This rose bush is red in color and when I saw this half pink half red rose, I just had to capture it. This is a super closeup and that day my hands were shaking a bit. Yet, the blurriness adds to the mystique, I think of the overall concept I wrote about. 🙂 May your day be wonderful today! Love, Amy ❤


    1. This is the anniversary of my dad’s passing away. I think it is time to go read the last email he sent me before the doctors decided he needed surgery for his back…unnecessary surgery.


  1. What a beautiful photo Amy!! I am guessing those are two different flowers but they look like one combined. It reminds me a bit of when you had to make Valentine’s Day bouquets out of tissue paper for your class projects.

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    1. Marissa, you are correct in saying they are one flower. It is one flower that is supposed to be red, yet was growing half pink and half red. Fascinating to see so I captured her. And yes, this is a Rose. (smile) Ground cover Rose to be exact. This does remind me of the flowers we used to make out of tissues. Wow, you just brought memories back. Who even does that these days? Love, Amy ❤


      1. Oh wow, that is unbelievable because in the photo, it doesn’t even look like a faded red but more of a purple. Brought back memories for me too, for sure. I haven’t see one of those tissue paper flowers in some time!

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    1. Delvi!!! Oh my gosh!!! How good to see you! How are you? I am so touched you dropped by to see me. As you can see I am still going strong, though not posting as much. I am SO happy you enjoyed this post today! So glad!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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      1. Hi Amy…the pleasure is all mine. I never forgot about youy, you know. I had been away to France for 6 weeks this summer, bur I’m back and I’ll try to visit more often…even if I don’t come here on every day! Have a real nice week-end full of wonderful things…God bless, love Delvi.

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    1. No munchin’? None? Why the good behavior? What’s wrong with you? And my kitties are doing good!! We are taking Molly to an alternative vet next week to assist her with her anxiety to help her maintain as good a life for what time she has remaining. My Molly I would move mountains for!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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    1. Beautiful comment, Laura. You caught my inference to the Holy Spirit Who is Love! Good for you! YES! I so agree there is nothing like that feeling … sometimes it is goosebumps, sometimes Bliss, sometimes a Quiet Knowing. You made my day, my friend! Thank YOU! Love, Amy ❤

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    1. I am ever so amazed by the comments I continually receive. Thank you kindly, Mabel, for leaving such a beautiful comment and enjoying what I have shared here with you. May your day be just wonderful!! Love, Amy ❤

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