Spectacular Sunset


Bringing along my Samsung Galaxy Camera 2,  I went for a walk on the evening of September 1st after a long day of cleaning.  Literally I walked into Magic and OH was I ever happy with myself that I had brought along my camera! During that entire walk I was completely entranced by the colors, the smells, the feelings all brought about by the heavy humidity and the twilight light.  Bliss came once again with the Gifts of Mother that were offered to me.

September usually for us brings dry, hot and sunny days, but not this year.  The humidity and heat are so thick you could probably cut them with a knife.  We’ve had a weather alerts which say the air quality is not healthy, especially for those with lung issues.

Yet, in those humid conditions I was able to capture a stunning sunset with actual rings of light seen from all the heavy moisture in the air.  This photograph has not been digitally altered.  I only enhanced the colors of this incredible sight to share with you in a Moment which found me once again saying my Mantra … “Oh wow!!”

My plans again for the day are to continue with my Fall cleaning.  I am taking the weekend off as my “reward for a job well done” and very much hope to enjoy blogging for at least one of those days so that I can catch up with all your wonderful creations.  In the meantime, please do enjoy this spectacular sunset that Mother presented to me which I in turn share with you!

Photography/ “Spectacular Sunset” 2015©AmyRose