Greatest Gift

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When our Lives become difficult
and ripe with strife
a Haven comprised of
Compassion and Love
is one of the Greatest Gifts
we can receive.

Uncropped, hand held image of “Rio Samba” who flowered for the first time August of this year.  Her cane had been thrust upwards during this extremely harsh winter we had last year, and in so doing, was exposed to the deadly winds and freezing cold.  If anyone knows anything about Roses, a Rose cane must be covered to protect it from the winter’s cold in order for that Rose bush to survive.

I refused to give up on Her, rearranging the dirt and mulch around Her cane as soon as I could after the ground thawed in the way that She likes.  I Loved upon Her as well as nurtured Her with fertilizers, natural pesticides, water, and Liquid Fence to prevent deer from eating Her.  I was stunned She survived.  She has only one other bud on Her right now, and you better believe it, I will be there with my camera to capture it.

*I know not if I will be able to reply to comments.  I am still recovering from the Super Human Effort I gave to bring health to two critically ill cats.  Please just enjoy this post.  I know how many of you just Love my flowers, especially my Roses.  And so today, for YOU, I created this post for your viewing pleasure.*

MF Macro Photography/ “Greatest Gift” 2015©AmyRose

67 thoughts on “Greatest Gift

      1. I know it shall. No worries, Irene. It was so kind of you to do this for me, and to do it twice no less!!! I also need to leave feedback for you over at Etsby. I will try to do that today. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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    1. Oh, Maniparna, sweetheart!!! Bless you for your kindness and your concern. Yes my two cats that were so ill are now stable and doing so much better. It is their Mom (me) who is now getting back on her feet. Fighting for a Life is more then worth getting exhausted over. I know I am strong and healthy and with time, I shall be back to my usual self. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


  1. What a beautiful flower and so wonderfully captured in these sienna tones. Rio Samba is a good name for her as she looks full of Latin spice, probably why she refused to bloom for so long but her premier is well worth it. I hope you are feeling better soon Amy!

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    1. Marissa, I’m getting there. I seem to have some strong days and still wham! a day that I can barely function. But I am seeing the strong days more and more, and the wham! days less and less.
      As for this Rose, she is a fighter. I really thought She had died because She showed no signs of green on Her for a long time. I just kept on taking care of Her and then one day GREEN showed. I am amazed She flowered this year. That takes a lot of strength! I have a few more premiers coming. SMILE!!!! I am keeping fingers crossed on one who is a very very very special one that literally came back to life. One of my very first posts on Petals is about this Rose bush how an animal stepped on it and in so doing, I thought it was killed. I could not bring myself to dig Her up and then ….. well, that story will have to wait until my Bella Roma flowers. I am SO excited because I haven’t seen Her flower since 2012. Keep YOUR fingers crossed too!!! I believe I see TWO buds coming to Life on Her!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! ❤ Love, Amy ❤


      1. You truly do give the gift of life everywhere you are. It’s really an amazing gift and I admire your patience. I know it takes a lot out of you as well so I look forward to seeing more but all in good time, of course.

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      2. Oh, wow, Marissa, what you just said stunned me. I honestly do not see myself as you describe but now, I am going to really think about what you wrote. I’ve got tears in my eyes. *swallowing* You paid me such a huge compliment. I really don’t know if I am all that you say. Thank you, my friend. ❤


    1. Oh, Morgan, you seriously are making me flush and bring such humility to me, that such a great talent as you, would say these things about me. You’ve put tears in my eyes. Bless you for being so kind to me. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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      1. With friends like you to keep reminding me, how could I doubt it? I’m still (and here I am 2 years shy of 60!) working on feeling solid about my work. As a child I received no recognition for my talents and in fact, I was ignored or ridiculed. Yet, the power of the written word I became best friends with as I huddled in my closet, writing in notebooks, my deepest thoughts to God. I burned those notebooks for they held such pain and sorrow and confusion. Even from this, a flower bloomed, for the Love of the written word was deeply instilled within my Heart. I should tell the story how I forgot how to read and write (and still have challenges today when I write free hand) due to brain damage sustained when I elected to detox from the drugs doctors gave me when I was in my 30’s. Hmmmm ….. now THAT is a survivor story! 🙂 ❤


      2. Oh my goodness Amy, I had no idea. My Heart weeps for the child in you. I cannot understand that sort of neglect/abuse, but Thank the Sweet Heavens that you found Love and its Healing Embrace to sustain you. That would Indeed be a story. A Novel, infact. Your own Story . I’d Buy It!!

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      3. Out of respect for my mother, that story will not be told until she has passed. Yes it is true I virtually came from an existence where Love was rarely seen. Out of those ashes, I determined to define Love, to find Love, to have Love in my Life, to BE Love, and to experience Love. I have many stories to tell, my friend, that when the time is right will be told. I have many Angels looking out over me and it is they and several more who guided my Heart to discover what Love is. I sure know what Love is not. I’ve really been thinking about this subject and in so doing, a post is coming soon that expresses my thoughts. I struggled to put into words as simply as I could this vast and deep well of thinking I found myself in, and just as of yesterday through a conversation on WP, the words came out simply and with Grace. It’s all about how in order to define Love, we must experience the shadow side of Life in order to have a means to compare what Love is. Do not weep for the child in me, my friend. No she did not have Love as a child, but the Miracle is, that on my Life Journey, the child within truly found Love. A day comes soon that child will be embraced by human arms, arms that truly understand the Journey the woman has taken. Rejoice with me, Morgirl. All things really do work out for the good!!!
        I Love you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy<3

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    1. Isn’t She though? Presently She has begun Her slow descent back to earth. I have one other bud on this bush that I look so forward in seeing. I’m so happy you saw Her, Gigi. I photographed Her at Her peak. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


    1. Thank you ever so kindly, Bernie!!! I hope you are well. I have not seen you in a while. And I wish you had a link to your blog along with your comment here. I always have to hunt for your blog in order to get there. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


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