My Therapy Waiting On Molly (2 IMAGES)


As of today, all comments will be closed on my posts that I publish until I know one way or another the outcome with Molly.  I will not be blogging either.  Any comments thus far that you have written on other posts of mine that I have not responded to probably will remain unanswered.  All my energy and focus is on Molly as both my husband and myself are doing everything humanly possible to improve her condition.  At of this writing, I honestly don’t know if we will be able to pull her through.

All posts viewed by you as I am involved in this life and death fight for Molly, will be expressions of me.  I am using my blog right now as my therapy, my outlet, my release, as a temporarily means for a few moments to get lost in my world of Beauty and Creation, hanging on to my sanity as only I know how to.

The digital art image above was done late last night as I was waiting to see if the Homeopathy Remedies and acupressure that were given to Molly would show a positive response.  Her breathing has been so labored, yet today a little easier.  During the night she voided good sized amounts of urine, which is what we are wanting to see.  That means she is responding to the Homeopathy!  IF we can get the fluid off of her that has accumulated, and if we can keep Molly alive until these Ayurvedic herbs arrive, and IF these herbs even help her, she may surprise all of us and continue to live on this plane of Life.

I am doing my best to stay balanced, though truth be told, not doing very well.  I haven’t been sleeping well and watching Molly labor in her breathing, tears me up something awful.  For those of you who don’t know, I really have a Mother’s’ Heart and to see one of my babies suffering is a nightmare.  I ask you Mothers, that if traditional medicine has no more answers would you just sit back and allow your child to die without giving at least your best effort to save that child? That is exactly what I and my husband are doing presently.

My main regret is that I relied on allopathic medications for Molly and did not research many other means of healing for her.  I pray we are not too late.

She is right now sleeping in a patch of sunlight in the kitchen after I administered acupressure and gave her Homeopathy, dandelion tea, and some of her heart medications.  All is very quiet in our home today so everyone is cooperating.  This is the first time I have seen her sleep and her breathing more comfortably, since yesterday.

I will do my best to keep you all updated with each of my posts.  The picture of Molly below was taken yesterday morning (7-18-15).  For those of you who can read “cat”, there is a line across her nose which signifies stress/distress.  This photo was taken just before her breathing became extremely labored.  Yes, she looks improved.  Yes, I have Hope!!


Molly is sitting on her cat tower, which as you can see is very well Loved.  She has done most of this scratching herself and believe me, she is darn proud of it. Her eyes are strong and are deep green with her overall coloring much improved since the first image you saw her.  (Molly)  Please pray for her and for myself.  May all of you know I really am doing my best, yet bottom line, it is up to Molly what her outcome will be.

Photography/ Digital Art/ “My Therapy Waiting On Molly” 2015©AmyRose

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