When Life Looks Bleak


When Life looks bleak
seemingly without Hope
do not stop seeking answers
and as you do
know that you just may stumble upon
something of great significance
which will then in turn
shed Magnificent Light on what seemed to be
a Hopeless situation …
Thereby transforming what once was deemed
into something no longer void of Hope.

Friends, I have not been on WP for a reason.  I have been fighting for my Molly’s Life.  I now have her in somewhat of a stable condition, yet she is still not completely out of the woods.  She is my precious baby suffering from Congestive Heart Failure for the past 5 years.  In managing to get her to a place in order to take her to our Vet yesterday, I brought her in to be examined and for blood work to be drawn.

There I received a punch to the solar plexus.  One of the medications Molly needs in order to stay alive, is now beginning to put her into renal (kidney) failure.  You really do not want my opinion of western medicine who thinks and believes that these drugs that are given to “heal” have side effects that harm and kill.

Is this, I ask you, a “healing art”?

So now I have asked for help from an Ayurvedic Doctor in India to give me alternatives to (one), manage Molly’s dis-ease to give her the quality of what Life span she has remaining, and (two), how to either stop or reverse the kidney damage that has already been done.  To know Molly will die from renal failure puts a real ugly feeling in the pit of my stomach.

For years my husband and I have searched far and wide on how best to help Molly in combining alternative means with her traditional medications.  And now to know that the medication I have been giving Molly to maintain her breathing is slowly going to kill her, again, you do not want to know my thoughts on that.

I am leaving comments open.  I cannot promise I will answer your comments, though.  My priority right now is focused on Molly and I also have a crew of men coming this day to redo our drainage ditch that was grossly butchered the first time they did it.  I have blueprints to make sure the job is done correctly this time.

And oh, hubby is not here while all this has been going on.  He is on a fishing trip with his brother so far north in Canada, his cell phone does not have a signal.  I have chosen not to call him on the emergency number he left (at the Lodge he is staying at) about what is happening with Molly and with the fact these men are coming today to redo our ditch.  Knowing my husband, he would freak and what little time he has left of this trip, would be ruined.

I have faith that I can hold everything together until he returns.

In closing, I miss all of you something fierce.  I have to figure out how best to treat Molly to get her breathing less labored and to assist her kidneys to stop from failing.  On top of that, I have to put my engineering hat on today to make sure these men do the job right this time around.  Sometimes it takes a woman to get the job done and done right. (wink)

I will leave you with something that happened to me on Monday that I believe will have you laughing.  The supervisor of this crew that is coming today, came out Monday morning to assess and record what has to be done.  When I went over to talk to him, he turned to me and said, “Good morning, Sir.”

Now, friends, I was dressed in my slinky, black, very tight, Lycra YOGA outfit that left NO doubt in one’s mind that I am really a woman!  So, my wise mouth got the better of me and out of my mouth I responded, “Um, the last time I checked I was most definitely not a Sir!” and as I said this I looked down at my chest bringing my right hand up to feel my chest to make sure, that what was attached to my chest, were still there.  Now that is my Gift of Laughter to you this day!! Just picture it!!! I’m laughing as I write this!  To say the least, this supervisor was embarrassed.  I just laughed and continued talking as if nothing happened.

May all of you have a really wonderful day and know I carry you with me in my Heart.

MF Macro Photography/ “When Life Looks Bleak” 2015©AmyRose

55 thoughts on “When Life Looks Bleak

  1. Keep hope, Amy…Ayurvedic treatment is pretty good but it takes time (i don’t see any other option anyway). Hopefully Molly will recover soon.

    The last para is funny, i am sure they were there…maybe he didn’t even see them (decent guy) 🙂

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  2. Please stay strong now Amy. I will keep Molly in my prayers. Do update us on how she is doing okay.

    Hugs* I hope your husband returns soon from his fishing trip in Canada. You need him most to keep your feet up and about.

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      1. We go day by day as I wait for the herbs I ordered from India. They have been shipped but I don’t know how long until they get here. I am happy that Molly is such a fighter and that her Mom steps out of the box that medicine would have her stay in. I am learning as I go …..


    1. Lisa, I am so terribly sorry that you went through this nightmare. I have not given up hope, not by a long shot. I am doing all I know how to right now until I can follow through on the advice of this doctor from India. I know Molly needs to be on a restricted salt diet, yet all the food, and it is really good quality food, has salt in it. I must put my thinking cap on to figure this out. This is not just as easy as giving her chichen …. you need certain supplements to add to the chicken to make it a balanced diet. I know. I used to make the raw diet.
      Western medicine has hurt me so many times, AND my cats. How they honestly can believe that what they deem is healing, is totally beyond me. So much of medicine is barbaric and I stay as far away from it as I can. As do my cats. Hubby and I have gone to great lengths to study Homeopathy and herbs. Yet still in some circumstances it is not enough. Medicine has a LONG ways to go in order to be called a healing art. Yes it does have its redeeming qualities, but much of it needs to be radically altered.
      Again, you have my utmost Compassion for watching Sunny slowly go down hill. This is one disease I wish on no one. It is horrible. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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      1. *tears* Honey, there are those of us who really DO believe in another way and we have dedicated our lives in implementing that way. My belief is that any healing art is gentle, and works with the body’s natural immunity to bring about healing. All this invasive prodedure garbage is something I stay far away from. X-rays, vaccines, flu shots, mammograms, colonoscopies, …. anything that causes HARM to the body I avoid. I MUST take medication and IF I knew of another way around this fact, I would do it. Research does not stop until my last breath!!! Love to you, my sister of Light! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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  3. A sense of humor will get you through it, Amy! Good to see you still have one! How horrible that here you were thinking you were curing poor Molly never realizing that the side effects were so negative! I know she is in the best hands possible and I wish you comfort during this stressful time.

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  4. I hope you are successful in finding an alternative medication. In the meantime, it’s good to see that you can still find time to laugh and to share that gift along with beautiful photos and wonderful words. Thanks Amy.

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    1. You have got the tears going. To know I am not alone with these challenges that keep coming my way, in a strange way, brings me great comfort. Bless you for telling me. If all goes well today I am taking my camera to a site that I have been wanting to go to, and just CHILL. The going of late has been far from easy. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for encouraging me. Molly says thank you too, because she knows how hard Mom has been working! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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      1. Perfect. I have just the one for you. I will have it up in about 1 hour. Bless you, Irene. I am doing everything I know to give her quality of Life for the remaining time she has with us. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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  5. Even in the thick of things, where things are bleak, you posted a beautiful flower for us to feel renewed and imagine smelling its lovely scent, then you give us the giggles!! You are something else, but not a Sir!! Smiles and hugs from your little bird friend, Robin xo

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  6. Oh, Amy, how sad about Molly. Granny only gives us Homeopathic Remedies and other natural stuff. She went to a Homeopathic Vet with her dog, who suffered from Asthma after the Cocktail Vaccinations and got medicines from her Vet, but it only became worse, so her furriend said to her, that she could try a Homeopathic Vet and Granny did. Her dog got a Remedy and healed. After that experience, she never got anything but Natural Healing and Droppie lived for almost 18 years. After that and her own experiences, she studied Homeopathy herself, for human and animals, so she can help us all 🙂 We’ll send Healing Pawkisses to your beloved Molly and purray for her and you 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. You have NO idea how much you have encouraged me. We do not vaccinate any of our cats for starters. We used to but I would swear most of the problems I see in them today are directly from the vaccines. One of my cats died from the rabies vaccination and that is when my wake up call came. NO MORE POISON! Every time I walk into the Vet I get hit with “Is your cat up to date with rabies/distemper?” I just brought Molly in who was NOT in a good way, and I was so taken aback that even then this question would be asked, I snapped, “No, especially seeing how ill Molly is!” The push for vaccinations is horrible, and is SO SO SO WRONG!
      As for our other cats besides Molly (13), they are all special needs, and hubby and I have over the years studied Homeopathy and researched herbs to treat these cats with. NO meds. If I can get Molly off her meds so she can live, I will do it. But, she has been on these meds for 5 years and with CHF it is a progressively downhill disease. My goal for her now is to make her as comfortable as possible, giving her Ayruvedic herbs and homeopathy in conjunction with her meds. I am an RN who strongly disagress with western medicine in many many ways. I conceed it does have it good points, but much of it is barbaric. I also admit that I myself am taking mediciation for my thyroid that quit (Hashimato Syndrome) so I am taking the hormone supplement. I have been unable to find anything natural to keep my thyriod stable as it is today.
      My cats are in good hands, believe me. Some have only been to the Vet when they first appeared in our lives, sick, dying, starving …. and I needed extra help to pull them through. Other then that, most of mine don’t even have any record of being seen by a Vet. Now this is a very good thing! It taks initiative and determination, and a will to study and to implement, and it takes comittment to dedicate yourself to the necessity of giving animals the life they deserve to have. I also am very strong on good nutrition. I feed my cats what I believe is the best, yet there too I could do better. Yet what they are eating now, seems to be keeping them healthy so when it is not broken, I don’t fix it. And seeing that cats for the most part do not have a water drive to drink, I add water to their moist food every feeding. I have many FLUTD’s who need that water so that crystals do not form.
      My beloved Molly looks to be in good form this morning. I look forward in receiving those Ayurvedic herbs to begin to give to her. I really thank you for your comment. I really wish we could heal these cats, but their “diagnoses” are tough ones. To just give you an idea we have two with FIV+. And so many other dis-eases that we are constantly working to at least keep under control with the goal of curing. ❤

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      1. You give them quality time, Amy, with the way you handle all your kitties, that’s one of the most impawtant things they need. They show you what they need. I’ve read a story about a kitty that ran away, searching for good herbs to make her feel better. The kitty came back after she found her remedy, then she went home, all healed. Granny gives me mineral water, because I refused to drink normal water. Those are the little signs people can pick up…if they only would listen… I think, no, I know for sure your furryfamily is very grateful for a purrson like you 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. BLESS you, Val!!! Molly is receiving healing energy already from Irene and now with you, I am SO SO SO grateful!!! I just wrote Irene telling her that Molly is sleeping and her respiratory rate is the best and the easiest it has been in weeks. She is going to pull through and darn it, now I am determined to get her off this lasix that is killing her kidneys. I also ordered Ayurvedic herbs last evening which will regenerate her kidneys, act as a diuretic and will help her with her heart. Today I have more Hope then I have had in a long time!!! Bless you, my friend! THIS is what medicine is … “Energy Healing”. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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  7. You know you always have my best wishes and prayers of comfort and help regarding any situation that is troubling you my friend, and now I will have to add Molly to my thoughts, and with you, hope that whatever you decide to do, it will in fact prove to be the right thing, and also given time, prove effectual. I will be keeping you and this entire matter in my thoughts (but I will be substituting more gentlemanly-like images of you than the one you suggested, Lol). Take care, and trust in the universe, and the various means with which we have been provided, that things will work out for the best.

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    1. David, your kindness has made my eyes flood with tears. My husband came up with 3 Homeopathy Remedies which I am giving Molly, plus dandelion tea, along with her meds (still giving) and today for the first time in over one week, Molly is sleeping soundly with her respiratory rate down to almost normal. I am crying as I write this, for it really looks like we pulled Molly from death’s door. I ordered Ayurvedic herbs and with the aid of an Ayurvedic doctor in India who I met through my blog, my HOPE is that Molly will come completely back to health. Another woman as well who I know through my blog, is sending Molly healing energy which I know is helping as well. With my on hands acupressure and massage and Loving Touch she is turning around. Bless you for your prayers! We are still working with Molly and will do so for as long as it takes. When she was seen by our Vet this past week, the attitude was there was no hope at all. I really regret not doing the research in alternative medicine many years ago for Molly instead of depending on allopathic medicine. All Lessons I am learning, my friend. Valuable ones. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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      1. My friend, I am going to drop tonight. Believe me. I have not been sleeping well at all. To see my Molly still sound asleep for hours now, after not sleeping for about 2 days, is all the motivation I need to really sleep tonight. I plan on keeping everyone updated throughout the week. I will not be blogging or answering many comments until Molly is fully on stable ground and I am rested. This has been a LONG run, starting with Karma who was very ill a few months back, getting him stable, and then towards the end with him, Whispers stopped eating so I had to care for him, and then PABOOM! Molly nose dived. Holy moly! Am I even still alive to talk about this? Wow!

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