First Image Edited in PS CC ’15

I’ve been taking advantage of today by cracking the books, taking the leap and actually editing a picture in PS CC ’15 (formerly PS CC ’14).  I have been putting this move off for a LONG time, because this editing program is huge, and truth be known, daunting.  I did the basics of the basics in PS, proceeded to fine tune in LR5 (or is it 6 now?), and below are the results.  I had been using PS Elements 6 up until this time, and just with this very first image edited in PS CC ’15, I already see the difference.

I have Stacy to thank for this huge move on my part after we had a conversation today.  I am ready now to change my ways, and with the Scott Kelby books I have and now Stacy’s website, I have been officially launched.

Comments are closed.  Please enjoy my very first image edited in PS CC ’15.  This capture is from the garden bed which lays in front of my living room window.

LR edited (1 of 1)-3

 Photography/ “First Image Edited in PS CC ’15” 2015©AmyRose