Chance To Love

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Taking a chance to Love
is just that —

A chance on BEing hurt …
A chance of BEing misunderstood …
A chance of BEing vulnerable …

Yet, if we don’t take that chance
what exactly is the point in Living?

MF Photography/ “Chance To Love” 2015©AmyRose

The cat in this photograph is the reincarnation of my Tigger who I have named Tee. He is living freely outside with his “home” being the barn next door to us.  When he first came back, I knew instantly that this was Tigger, and it just about broke my Heart knowing that even though he is now free, which he always wanted, being an outdoor cat has many disadvantages, especially during the very cold winter months.  This Present Day I have accepted his choice and now smile every time I see him, knowing he is finally free.  I take care of him as best as I can.

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