70 thoughts on “I AM ALIVE!

    1. Marissa, you have brought tears to my eyes with this glorious comment. You have brought so much encourgement to me today to continue in my gardens. I’ve been feeling so tired lately, but you, you have given me a renewed sense of energy. Thank you for the Gift of Life you have given me today!!! Thank you! Love, Amy ❤


    1. And I said WOW outloud when I saw what I captured. LOL Have a great day today, my friend. I continue in my gardens, listening to the birds sing and drinking in the brighty sunshine. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


    1. Divinely inspired, cuz! Life is SO precious and this image just says it all, doesn’t it! Throw back your head, open your arms and rejoice for LIFE!!! (((HUGS))) cuz ❤


  1. Oooo! I love your frightening title: ‘I Am Alive!’ Very scary! And look at all the blood on this murderous plant! Have they found the scene of the crime yet? What a hideous thing! LOL! See you’re really getting into your new lens! I could call a Doctor if you prefer? It must be cramped in there… Looks like you got close enough to name this. Blood Sucker? Anyway, I’m glad you survived :O)

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    1. Darrell, you are SO good for what ails me!!! You make me LAUGH!!! You are so funny! I am fine, no wounds, and I actually got away before that creature could suck my blood. I am so glad I survived too. Whew! It really was a little too close for comfort! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


    1. I miss you too, Amanda. And thank you for the compliment! *blushes* Weather has turned warmer so my progress will be much smoother. I’m getting there, my friend. I working towards the “Mother” of all my gardens. Hehehehehe I am thinking of taking a pic of this one to show all of you what just this one garden looks like. Have a great day!!! Love, Amy ❤

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      1. Awww *HUGS*

        I am so looking forward to seeing the ‘mother’ of gardens! 😀

        I can tell the weather has improved because you have been taking some super stunning images of petals unfolding 🙂

        I hope you’re having a fab day, too! The sun is shiny over here ☀️ and it’s a beautiful day.

        I think I might make myself a cuppa and sit out in the garden! 💗

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  2. Oh Amy, the central part looks like it is spreading it’s arms out and shouting to the world “LOOK AT ME! i LIVE, I LOVE, I WILL NOT BE HELD DOWN”, It is all so amazing, and so beautiful. It’s so good to see you back Sweet Amy. Hugz.

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    1. I know, Angie. Isn’t this just a gorgeous representation of how precious Life is, and how Divine we ALL are? Hope you are well, my friend. I’m really getting there with the progress of my gardens. I am just so proud of myself this year. The cold temperatures made it ever so diffcult for me, but I stuck to it. Now the weather is getting warmer, thank goodness, so the going will be much smoother and faster. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


    1. Aw, why thank you, Shrimp! Working towards your favorite garden. The “Mother” where most of my Roses Live. (smile) Perhaps I will take a pic of it so you can drool over it in anticipation! MOL Love, MB ❤

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    1. Oh, my dearest friend, I am honored by your words. It is a Blessing to me that you have come to Petals this day. I have not been officially blogging lately due to reopening my gardens after winter, which is a lot of work and very time consuming. I hope to be finished in one week from today, and then after some rest, come back to visiting and commenting on my friend’s blogs. I still am posting as much as I can, sharing the incredible Gifts Mother is showing me in my gardens. To see rebirth right before my very eyes, is thrilling beyond beyond words. I found more “babies” ready to be captured today. I have so many show yet, I ask myself where I am going to find the time to edit and make posts. The answer to that is, whatever I am able to do, will be done. (smile) I’ve missed you! I hope all is well your way with you and those you Love. Sending Much Love your way this day, Ngobesing!!! Love, Amy ❤


      1. Woa!Lovely words from you Amy. I can imagine how much joy you must be deriving from working in your garden. I know flower gardens are very beautiful. I see flower gardens in pictures and they are admirable. Hence when you talk of your garden I can imagine. I hope one day I will have the opportunity to travel and to visit your garden. I do wish you the very best as you work hard in it and pray that God may bless your efforts abundantly. Tons of love to you Amy.

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