A Promise (5 Images)

A promise is a promise
and nothing would deter me
from delivering my promise …
not water nor mud,

LR edited (1 of 1)-3
not wind nor rain.

LR edited (1 of 1)-2
So a white chair I did fetch
to carefully stand upon

LR edited (1 of 1)
to bring to Cynthia
captures of my Spring.
These are for you, Cynthia,
and for all of you who still have
barely any Spring in sight.

LR edited (1 of 1)-5

LR edited (1 of 1)-4

[Last two photographs are Silver Maple Tree Buds coming to Life.]

All images taken with my Canon 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens.

Photography/ “A Promise” 2015ยฉAmyRose

52 thoughts on “A Promise (5 Images)

    1. Oh, Cynthia!!! I am SO SO SO happy you enjoyed this post. I had FUN, my friend, doing this for you! I really mean it. You inspired me to create a FUN post like this. What I thought was SO cool was how the chair with my footprints on it turned out. You would never think it was a chair unless I told you. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy โค

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    2. FYI … The last two images are actually YOUR Gift from me. Those are the signs of Spring to bring you HOPE. I have seen other buds as well, and maybe today I will be able to get outside even though it is so cold here. I’ll see. (smile) Love, Amy


  1. Your photos are stunning!!! I also love the one of the tree. That has something very special! Thank you, Amy. Your passion for the beauty in the things that are unseen for so many touches my heart all the time.

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    1. Bless you, Erika, for your kind words to me. Bless you. All these images have a special something to them. I stared at this post a long time last night before it was published. The “spirit of Spring” and LIFE is really within this post. I just feel it. (((HUGS))) Amy

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  2. I enjoy nature when it is presented in such a beautiful and meaningful way. Also, while wandering down paths into woods and on beach shores, looking out at the vast seas, Amy. The way you take these and then your words, mean so much about promises in many layered ways.

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    1. Robin, your words I have been really thinking upon, for it truly gives me such wonder to not only read these magnificent words of yours, but to know that you understand what I write is multi-layered. Espcially of late. I just figured that out for myself and when I did, I was astounded. Bless you for your kindness to me, my friend. Your words mean so very much!! Thank you. Love, Amy โค


  3. So beautiful, dear Mom Bonzo! Sorry we haven’t been around lately. But the human is too busy right now to run our blog on a daily basis… (*sigh*) But please know that we love and miss you!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of smooches, Roxy & Tigerlino โค

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    1. I think it is going to happen all at once, too, Celia. I saw buds on my lilacs, my honeysuckle, pussy willow, and today I am looking for more as well as getting shots. My daffies are just now forming the flower and probably next week they will flower. I have sporadic crocuses up and I see a LOT coming up so they will probably burst in color at once. My tulips are getting larger too. We are about one month behind here, but I will find more signs of Spring, darn it, I will! I’ll be over to see you at your blog in a little … a wee busy now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you! (((HUGS))) Amy โค


  4. Is this what it’s like now over there? Little bit of rain, little bit of buds. Amy, I simply adore the rain pic. Love how you captured the colors and reflections there. Also, the chair…with muddy footprints? So avant garde! I’d like a pair of pants with that print!!

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    1. Marissa, you make me laugh so hard because I too saw how “cool” my muddy footprints were on that chair and how I saw beauty there. So did you! No surprise. And yes it is just still so bare here. Bless you for your comment about my “puddle”. I stared at that one for a long time, just falling into it. I was imagining it blown up to a huge size and how incredible it would look. Oh, do I enjoy my own work. LOL I get a kick out of me!!! Much Love to you! Amy โค


      1. I’m glad! You should get a kick out of you! Yes, all that mud and dirt is kind of high fashion. What say we just do a runway show and have the models all wear white and then splatter it with mud, put on million dollar price tags and say it’s the latest thing?!! Wait…I might feel a poem coming on!

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    1. Your human has good taste, Shrimp. I was contending with wind and to stand on that chair in manual focus trying to get just one bud in clear focus took furever. The way these images came out elicited a huge WOW from me. My Daddy really really really is adding his “Old Spice” to my photography. I feel it, I see it, I know it. (((HUGS))) Mom BonZo

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  5. Someone has been out with her camera Amy. It looks like you’ve been having fun, and the photos are amazing. I love the wind, love the spring, even love the mud. They are all so lovely, so professional, so filled with LOVE. I’m so glad the world is opening up for you again, because we are all winners for that. Love and Hugs, Angie

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  6. This is a lovely post. The pictures are beautiful. I also like ‘A promise’. The bible says it all. If you make a promise make sure you keep it. It is better not to promise at all than to promise and fail to keep it. Thanks a million Amy, for inspiring us with lovely posts. May your light keep shining! Love you.

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  7. Oh, I love that first photo so so much!! โค I could just look at it and look at it! I am listening to nice soft spiritual music too, so it became like magical! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for inspiring me Amy! โค Hugs!

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    1. Trini. That first image has magic in it. I too stared at it a long time, just being pulled into it, imagining it blown up in a huge photograph upon a wall. There is so much mystic in it, as if I captured the very water spirits themselves. Pure bliss, dreams, and such deep LOVE are all experienced as I gazed deeply into this image. Magic, Trini, magic …. (((HUGS))) Amy


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