Happy Easter


Happy Easter, my Friends!
May this day bring to you Much Love along with mine.
May these flowers I give to you
brighten your day
bringing much JOY to your Heart.

Photography/ “Happy Easter” 2015©AmyRose


(These are some of the flowers I bought for myself to enjoy in remembrance of my Dad today. I posted them on Petals so that you as well may enjoy them with me.)

92 thoughts on “Happy Easter

    1. I bought these, Kimberly. I have two very small crocuses in bloom in my garden, which I did get photos of and which you will see on Petals soon. We actually have snow on the ground today. Talk about discouraging! I’m so glad now that I bought these flowers to enjoy! Happy Easter. Love, Amy

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      1. Sorry about that previous post I made with the three “I hopes”. LOL I DO hope but my writing wasn’t very good there to say the least! I was tired. Happy Easter amy!!!!

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  1. Hi Amy, with what you are feeling today, it is amazing you are up and about and sharing Easter blessings, which is what I wish for you.
    BTW, I can see your book, it is big like pretty picture books should be, not thick, but easy to handle, especially for kids who like to look at pretty flowers, on one side, the right side, because it is flat, I see your picture and on the opposite page, which is bulbous because of the binding, are your poems or the very wisdom that you shared with the exact pictures as on your blog. That is where all your emotion lives, is in the everyday reflections of your ups and downs. Of course, your words would look great under or over the pics as well, or maybe all of the above depending on the photo’s theme.

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    1. Jennifer, your words brought utter amazement to me. For I have begun to back up all my work on Petals with the Intention of one day soon, beginning a book. I have been reading a book recently that has photographs of flowers with wisdom attached, and as I look at these flowers, a little voice within me, realizes my flowers are even better then these in this book. In true humility I am coming to embrace, the Great Gift I have been given, which I shall share even more in my near future. Bless you for these words, for they have only reinforced my Dream of my morrow. Happy Easter, my friend. Love, Amy

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      1. Wonderful! Another thought I had was that since you have such a plethora of content, that you could do a four seasons set. Start with your favorite season and then finish the next three to complete a series!
        I like that you are amazed at the gifts God has given you, plus through them, your light shines with truth. Big Deal! I love you too Amy Rose and you have touched my heart!

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  2. Beautiful Bouquet of flowers Amy. And a wonderful gift of Spring and New Life .. As you remember your Dad who is already risen.. 🙂 And thank you for sharing their delights with us all..
    Happy Easter my good friend
    Sue xxx ❤

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    1. Thank you, Gigi. I’m trying NOT to look outside because it is snowing here. The bunny brought surprises to me early this year (this past Friday) which I found in my garden. I will be posting those next week. Good thing he came early. I’m sure the snow has shocked the presents today. *sad face* Happy Bunny Day, my friend. Love, Amy


      1. OH, Eliza, I can hardly wait to do the same. Last week I was struck down with a really nasty flu and even though temps were warm enough to go out, I was in bed. Hopefully soon, I will get out there. There is nothing like having your hands in dirt. 🙂 Love, Amy ❤

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    1. Oh thank you, Randall, ever so much. Today has been one of the best Easters I have had in a long time. This morning started out a bit rocky with me really missing my Dad, but as the day wore on and I spoke to family and friends, my spirits lifted. My Dad would have wanted me to be happy today. (((HUGS))) Amy


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