Moral Standards And A-HA Moment


Just this morning, I received a lovely email, which contained gorgeous photographs with glorious quotes. As I scrolled through these images and quotes, it dawned on me, this represents what I present to you on Petals, and in doing so, I really felt how you feel when you view my work. It was an A-HA moment, and pretty powerful!

It was suggested to me that I could actually take those quotes, mix the words up a bit, post them on Petals, and claim them as my own. For one millisecond, I said “Why not?” but immediately my Heart stepped in and said a vehement “NO!” I was told by this person, no one would know the difference, but guess what, I would.

I could not and will not in good conscious, ever pass off something that was not originally mine. I really do “hear” words, and those are the very words I publish on Petals. To do anything else, in my opinion, would be cheating.

This is my way of saying to you, first, I felt what you feel when you view my work, and secondly, you have my Word of Gold that every single word and photograph contained on Petals is mine. If it were not, I would not sign my name, nor would I copyright it.

Please no offense to the person who suggested I do what I will not do. These are my moral standards which I refuse to compromise. Sadly, this person does not understand that the words that are on Petals, are truly heard and written by me.

Photography/ “Moral Standards And A-HA Moment” 2015©AmyRose

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