“Mistakes” Explained In Photo (6 Images)

Below are THREE images of Niagara Falls, number 1, 3, 5 being the product of my 1st editing process. After each one, I posted the final rendition of the same image that you have already viewed in previous publishings.  In each FIRST edit, you will see a reddish tint, and in #3, you will see the “red pigment noise” I have been referring to.  So many of you have voiced that what I posted on “Mistakes To Magical Mystical” are gorgeous, not being mistakes at all.  In hindsight, I would have titled that post with the word MESSES instead of mistakes.

Now you can all see what I was referring to.  Keep in mind, even with the images with the red pigment in them very evident (IF you still don’t know what I am talking about, click on the image to make it larger and look especially at the mist), these are a product of my first edit.   The originals (not posted) are even worse then what are seen here.  Then I continued with the editing process in several different editing rooms to finally achieve magic.

I am still presently in an editing room, doing my final magic touches on the FINALE post of Niagara Falls that will be coming soon to Petals.  I am also slowly working my way through the comments that I have yet to answer.  I will be so happy to get back to blogging as per usual so that I can again see your work and talk to you!  You are missed!

Now I hope you SEE what I have been referring to.







Photography/ “Mistakes Explained In Photo” 2015©AmyRose