American Niagara Falls Frozen Glory

I promise this post will not be as long as my previous one.  I wanted to show you the American Falls, which were almost totally frozen over.  What a sight!

This was the point in my photo shoot that hubby began to get really cold, so I had to wrap things up.  And this was where I could have spent HOURS photographing! *sigh*  Also, the editing is becoming quite the challenge mostly due from the effect of my tripod.  My tripod is not a very sturdy one, and when I have my 70-300mm lens on my camera body attached to my tripod, it takes forever for my camera to stop moving.

As a result, I have a lot of noise in my images which would not have been had I a better tripod. (work in progress ..)  Getting that noise out in turn, makes some images soft, so I had to compromise on sharpness on the trees for example, in order to remove the noise.  All in all, this image you about to see is pretty incredible.

Also, due to changing lenses outside, I now have many more spots on my sensor that I must clean before I use my camera again.  These spots have to be removed from each image in the editing room, one by one.  I know of no other way to do this. This is THE main reason why my usual rule is not to change lenses outdoors.  And for this reason, many photographers have two camera bodies.  (work in progress …)

All that said and done, comments will be closed on this post.  I have a LOT of editing to do on the images I took of Niagara Falls, and in order to accomplish this, to give you quality jaw dropping images, I have to focus in the editing room.  As it is, I have many comments waiting for me in my notifications that need to be addressed.  Just know, I am working hard behind the scenes to get to you the Incredible Beauty I captured yesterday.

In the meantime, below is the American Falls, all in Her frozen glory.  I want to point out to you the walkway in the lower RIGHT of my image, to give you a perspective on how huge these Falls are.  Imagine people on that walkway, just dots in comparison to the massive waterfalls you about to see.

Please do enjoy!  I probably won’t be posting until Monday, so, everyone, please have a wonderful weekend!!!


Photography/ “American Niagara Falls Frozen Glory” 2015©AmyRose