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42 thoughts on “Focus (2 IMAGES)

    1. I too really Loved this Lily. Not too sure if it is day lily, but it is a lily, nontheless. It’s been SO long since I have seen color. The difference between what I am living in NOW (Lake Erie picture) and the lily is shocking. It’ so grey here and just WHITE and then you see the COLOR of the lily and it blows you away. It did me at least. LOL SO glad you enjoyed this.

      About your link. It works just fine when you comment, but when you “like” a post, it does not. I do not know if you are aware of this or not. So I am bringing it to your attention. Love, Amy

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      1. I know! I can’t “like” posts either. I have to keep on clicking until it recognizes it. Oh well. Yes, I think that it’s a day lilly. They appear in clusters over long, sword shaped leaves, while Asiatic lilies appear on smaller, leaves but with a stalk in the middle.

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      2. Gee, I am the flower photographer and you know more about flowers then I do. LOL I just shoot the beauty and leave the techy stuff to those whose brain want to go there. Tee hee …… Hey, good luck with your link. That really el-stinkos! Yiveh, so many are having problems with WP. Hang in there, my friend!!!

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  1. Amy…the first frigid photo is so desolate and bleak. Argg. I can’t wait until it warms up. I understand why you want to move, I do too…I’m tired of all the winter months. It seems as if at least 8 months are winter and the other 4 are dived between spring, summer and fall. I want it reversed.

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  2. Oh, come to Kentucky Amy. This has been a brutal winter for us, but nothing at all like what you have had. The photos are beautiful in contrast. Have to admit I’m sick of snow, especially what I went out in to today, but from above it’s not as bad as when I went out for the first time. Great big huge UGH!!!! Doing spin outs in a power chair is NOT fun. Love you, A.

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  3. Absolutely gorgeous, dear Amy. A fine representation of the beauty of nature, and what is so completely opposite is still just as beautiful as the other.

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    1. Thank you, Professor. It’s been a while since you and I spoke. I’ve missed you. Life has been really busy on my end. That first picture is a bleak view of Lake Erie. Reminds me of a desert. Love, LadyP


      1. I am glad you have been awesome, Professor. I have seen better days …. my Dad passed away in January and on top of that, I’ve had to deal with family who still don’t want to be family, nor talk together about our grief. SO I have poured myself into my photography, my core family, and Petals. Needing lots of rest too. I did make it to my Dad’s service (out of state) but had to train hubby how to take care of our babies in order to do so …. way not easy. Dealing with deaf ears in my family, unable to help my Dad due to again family, dealing with tremendous stress of not knowing truth until it was too late, making arrangements to travel, getting all set here, seeing family I haven’t seen since 1977 and they still don’t want to be family (I said that already) … And then I had this humungous photo shoot to Niagara Falls just this week, where just about everything that could go wrong did, and now I am in the editing room for hours and hours editing some pretty complex images. Why? OH, from camera sway, noise, dirty sensor …. gee, getting the picture? Sorry I haven’t been your way, but I haven’t really been in a frame of mind to be silly. Lately though I have been laughing, which is good. 😀 So that means I again will be over to be silly. Thanks for listening to me, Love, LadyP


      2. Thank you, Professor. My bio family has a long history of unhealthy behavior, and coming to terms with this (again) was hard. I’m committed to create my own family, and Petals is the foundation. I also gained another member on LadyP’s Creative Team, my Dad, who IS a very talented musician and artist. Right now my photography seems a wee shaky, but I know that is only temporary as LadyP adjusts to the new Team Member. Keep a look out for my Niagara Falls photos that are coming, beginning today. The post that I am publishing today took me about 9 hours to do. Um, everything that yeah could go wrong did. Whew! When I was finished, I just about passed out. Today though I am revigorated and in fact, getting ready to go to my Yoga class. Cool, Baby! There are three “trailers” from Niagara Falls on Petals to give you an idea of what is coming. Again, with this photo shoot, everything that could go wrong, or just there abouts, did. I learned LOTS. Love, LadyP


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