67 thoughts on “Communication”

    1. I HOPE she opens and blooms, Marissa. When two people are on two different wave lengths, no amount of words will be heard. Hopefully with time, that will change. Thank YOU for the compliment …. so glad you liked the tones. Love, Amy


    1. Raewyn, I am SO excited, I could not possibly explain it. Everything is now in place, down to getting feet and hand warmers. We know where we are going to park, and we are 98% sure which day we will go. Today I make sure all camera equipment is ready to go, and I have extra batteries and another card as well. This persistent extreme cold OHHHHH the ice formations I am about to see, is giving me goosebumps. This is a chance of a lifetime and, friend, I am so utterly grateful that I live where I do. Now to get from here to the day we go …. I have to keep busy! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. Don’t I know. EEKS. Hope all is well your way! I’m coming over …. I saw you email … apologies for not answering. Suze, I’m so focused on getting to Niagara Falls it aint funny. Just know I am doing as best I can. I NEED this trip to the Falls to get my head on straight. My Heart needs release. (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Beautiful insightful comment, Sue. To learn healthy when one has only been taught dysfunction, is a Super Challenge to accomplish. My Petals and all who come here, have helped me immensely in learning healthy. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. Yes we all learn and grow at our own pace. and some no matter how hard we try will be stuck within their own groove .. I too have had to learn this lesson.. and learn to switch records and let the other one play out its own melody.. Some will always stay stuck and repeat over and over..
        Thinking of you.. as we let go of those whom we can no longer help or serve.. xxxx

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  1. Beautiful image and words and so well put. Been in that situation in the past (especially with my ex) and it is difficult. Glad that it’s not that way, now. Getting excited for you as far as Niagara Falls. The ice is going to be just gorgeous. HUGS ❤

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    1. Just coming out of a situation now, Kathy, in which this post was created. I am SO glad I will be going to the Falls to heal my hurting Heart. Yes this ice is going to be spectacular. I still have yet to figure out which filter to use. I will though. GRIN!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. Aw, you the absolute best. As more times goes under the bridge that is called “meeting family”, that pain will fade away. It is already with good friends like YOU to hold my hand. I LOVE YOU, Shimp!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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  2. So true Amy , I love this post. There are miscommunications that need to be discussed because once someone acts on a misunderstanding, sometimes there is no going back, the trust is broken.

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    1. Oh, Holly, how true your words are. It’s unfortunate that the situation I have just been involved in, that even though there was misunderstanding, there was room for healthy communication. It ended by agreeing we disagree. Trying to move forward knowing what I do now. Going to the Falls will help much by bring solace to my aching Heart. I have also found, even when trust is broken, it is a lot of hard work, but that trust can be renewed. I am living proof. (((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. LOL You SAW the dinosaur! So did I, Tiny! Was that not the coolest thing you ever did see? I am SO excited right now …. hehehehehehe ….. All is set to go. I even got some hand and foot warmers today, so NO frozen toes. Now, the ONLY problem is my glasses that ice over from my breath. DANG! I won’t be able to wear my face mask when I am photographing. So, no frozen feet but yet frozen cheeks. Hehehehehe I can do this! I am made out of tough stuff!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. Of course I saw the dinosaur, and loved it !! I hope the weather will collaborate just a little bit and your cheeks will not protest. I know you’re a ‘tough cookie’ 🙂 Can’t wait!! Take care and many hugs~

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  3. We all have these times and when communication is not happening and want to close up and pull everything around us close and fell warm and protected.
    The bud all tight and close together is a wonderful photo representing this.

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    1. Keep your fingers crossed that the day we plan on going, will be overcast with no wind or very little wind. It was supposed to be partly cloudy today and what is it? Sunny! *sigh* Are these weather-peeps ever right? If it is sunny, I must shoot with my ND400 filter, which I did not want to do because it is SO hard to see anything through the viewfinder, but in order to cut out all glare, I have to use it. *sighs again* As of NOW, my INTENTION is, the day we go, it is CLOUDY, NOT WINDY, giving me PERFECT conditions to shoot the Falls. There! It is DONE! (((HUGS))) Amy


  4. Hello Amy,

    Do we need any more confirmation for the philosophy “all is happening for good” ?

    When I just opened your blog, I was really overwhelmed by the color and diversity of images, it’s awesome 🙂

    I think, you have taken the loss of old images very sportingly and used it to reinvent your photography skills…

    I am really taking inspiration from you …

    There are lot more to explore here 🙂

    Though the start of new year was not that great for you, I am sure, by end of this year, you would be a much confident person 🙂

    The signs are here 🙂

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    1. My Dear Friend, you have given me more Hope today then I have felt in a while. Yes, much good came out of me loosing my photographs, because it motivated me to learn how to become more diverse. Yes I have been hit hard by my Dad’s passing, yet, in this too, I hang on by focusing on my photography and Petals. Both have given me the incentive to stay the course, and not to give up. YOU have inspired me today, Sreejith, and YOU have given me a Gift beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. I was just speaking to someone recently regarding how my confidence in myself is not where I would like it to be, and the only way I know of to get to that place of confidence, is to keep doing what you see me doing here. (smile) Sending My Love, and (((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. OH, wow, Melissa, Bless you for confirming that I truly was guided to put this on Petals. This formed from a very difficult personal situation of late from my Life. I am so happy this has helped you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


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