64 thoughts on “When

    1. Marissa, I edited Her to bring out a softness, and a freshness, with muted colors all blending together. Yes, a Gift on this cold Winter day, I agree. I am so happy you enjoyed this post, my friend. (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. BINGO! That is exactly what I was going after. Thank you, Marissa, for encouraging me to keep on learning new. Love is fragile at times, but I wanted this Rose to “say” softness, gentleness, kindness too. YAY! I succeeded!!! SMILE!


      1. To know I have family like you, Susan, makes me a very wealthy woman. Bitter pill to swallow when many of my own family don’t embrace me in their life. Probably when I am gone, they will finally SEE me. Love you! Amester


      2. I know how it hurts when family does not see you. But you have a wide-spread reach to other people who are hurting. I delight in your ministry to the broken hearted, and bless you for doing it.

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      3. Oh, wow, Susie, for you to understand what I am doing, brings tears to my eyes. God has truly fashioned my LIFE, my entire LIFE, in order for me to be doing what I am. I’ve walked that hurt, my friend, and why? I now own Compassion as my companion, and the words that flow through me at times, come from a Higher Source. I am just the vehicle, the messenger. Yet to be able to understand fully, I’ve lived what I speak. God bless you a thousand times over for SEEING me. I really am crying for sheer relief and JOY. My work is being done while I am here on earth. I really am fulfilling my Purpose under Heaven. Even my own husband does not SEE, Suze. He knows, but he doesn’t “get it”. Man, I am SO grateful to you. (((HUGS))) Amy


  1. Happy Valentines Day sweet Angel Amy. I love your single rosebud. I hope you are feeling rested and refreshed now and I’m so happy to see you back with comments opened. Have a wonderful rest of the day Sweet Friend. I have slept most of the day, so all is better here. Love, Angie

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    1. Oh, Angie, my dear friend, Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! I hope your therapy is going well, and that your shoulder is beginning to move better. I am SO sore from my Yoga class this morning that I am groaning out loud. Funny when I first started doing this particular class (they change the classes every few weeks) I wasn’t really sore or feeling it. Now? Yiveh! Oh baby!! Epson salt bath here I come!!! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. I think I can honestly say I feel your pain Amy. The therapy is getting easier and I’m getting more movement in my shoulder. I can crochet a few rows at a time again, so that makes me happy. I wish I could get into an Epsom salt bath, but if I got down into it I would have to call the paramedics to get me out, and that would just be tooooo embarrassing all the way around, so I’ll have to stick to my shower chair and hand held shower head, but at least I can put the water on the places that hurt for longer lengths of time. that is a feeling next to heavenly. Enjoy your Yoga, and I’ll just meditate with my soft music before the therapist gets here to keep my B/P down and my muscles loose enough to ease the pain factor, keep on cracking jokes and doing the exercises, and hopefully some day I’ll be able to play the piano. Love from Kentucky, Angie

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    1. I edited this image in a new way, Tiny, going after the soft ethreal look. Thank you for confirming this that I succeeded. When I first began, there was a lot of harsh branches and leaves, very messy looking. I stopped, and “felt” what this Rose wanted and so I carefully step by step, make Her what you see now. I really thank YOU for your encouragement. I’m stepping out of my comfortable zone. Lots more coming ….. GRIN!!! Nite, my friend. I will be out for the count in about 3 minutes. xx Amy

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