There Are Times In Life (11 IMAGES)

I want to share with you how this post was created.  I first photographed the images contained in this post, and when I came home, the words that wanted to be written, started coming to me.  I found a quiet corner so I could concentrate, and so I wrote.  This post is on the long side, yet my wish is that you do have the time today, to enjoy it all in its full glory.

What occurred when I put this post together, is a prime example of how Spirit works with me.  I had missed my Yoga class last Saturday, just not feeling up to it.  I made a firm decision to go for a walk instead.  I did.  My Heart guided me to take my camera, and along the way, things just began to pop out at me to shoot at.  I had no idea WHY I was taking these images, just a “feeling” that I had when my eye pulled my attention to them.  Not quite home yet on this walk, I said, “that’s it, no more” and put my camera in my pocket.  I just “knew” whatever reason I shot for, was finished.  This post was NOT in Mind at all.   When I came into my house, a few hours later, words began to form in my Mind, words I knew right then, would go with the images I had shot earlier.  This, my friends, is how God helps those who follow their Heart.  When I follow my Heart, I usually have NO idea why I am doing what I am, but later on, the pieces just fall into place.  If you don’t think I am amazed by the Gifts I have been given, think again.  My Heart runneth over with Gratitude, believe me.

Now, on to this post I had NO idea would even BE.  All because I followed my Heart making the decision to take a walk with my camera along for company …

PS On this walk, I asked my Dad to give me a sign that he really is with me. I received that sign. This post came together as if by magic. I took the exact photos for this post that this post needed, (not knowing that as I was taking them), and when the words came when I got home, they did so fast and with no effort on my part. I cried afterwards. Yes, my friends, my Dad is a powerful addition to LadyPinkRose’s Creative Team. Below is the proof.

I do thank you for viewing my work.

[For Matthew and Belinda]

There are times in Life
when all around you
 is under construction
your life no longer
feeling like your own …


There are times in Life
when all in you
feels like being cold as ice
to hurl daggers at another.
Please don’t …


There are times in Life
when you feel so alone
with signs surrounding
that say Keep Out

all suffocating you …


There are times in Life
when you forget how to play
and those things
that once gave you Joy

 now lay abandoned …


There are times in Life
when you put up a fence
to keep
all and one

far far away from you …


There are times in Life
when once
what was a part of your Life

is now in storage
waiting for a New Season …


There are times in Life
when you feel like stone
on the outside

while all along
roaring with anguish on the inside …


There are times in Life
what once
was so beautiful

is frozen and still
no longer vital and so not alive.


Yet through it all
this and more will pass
as the missing piece of your Life
now becomes the foundation
of your next phase of Life.


Know that the Higher Action
in all cases
no matter
the emotion you are experiencing

is to not cease to let go of Love

hanging on
no matter what

until you land safely
in the
next phase of your Life.


With Love,

Photography/ “There Are Times In Your Life” 2015©AmyRose

[Photos taken with my Samsung Camera 2]

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