50 thoughts on “Fly”

    1. Hi Mark,
      and i’ve no doubt
      that Amy feels the same endless gratitude to you for your love.

      “scary and tough, but it’s worth it,”
      “flying is a delicious feeling”
      “focus makes it stand out beautifully,”
      “we need not stay in our comfort zone for too long or it weakens us,”
      “slow, excruciating torture?”
      🙂 if only you knew… oh! you know 😉

      Amy (that fly on my wall 🙂 ),
      every step that you take
      through your expression of self,
      challenges my questioning,
      and the thoughts dissipate,
      as you grow, i follow.

      I am receiving your glory.
      devotedly I am returning.

      devine magnificence,
      pray continue.

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      1. Seeking, sifting, seeing,
        lifting, bending, sorting,
        defining, forming, eliminating,
        allowing, choosing, canceling,
        facing, taking, leaving,
        knowing, asking, bending,
        questioning, reasoning, accepting,
        demanding, redefining, molding,
        sculpting, painting, creating,
        ridding, decisions, choosing,
        who stays, who goes,
        MY LIFE, no one else’s,
        crying, moaning, hating,
        loving, laughing, sighing,
        molding, no compromises,
        validate ME MINE YOURS.

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      2. Yes, Shelah (
        accepting “what is”,
        exactly that
        even then what i thought was,
        is no longer what it was
        and i don’t know what is 🙂 anymore
        but anyway… it’s all right 😉

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  1. Beautiful and so fitting ….. our day was lovely like spring today. Almost to 70 degrees with gorgeous blue skies. We worked in the gardens in t-shirts today!

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  2. Delicate, like us… Great blurry background and focus makes it stand out beautifully!

    Yes! We need not stay in our comfort zone for too long or it weakens us… Not a great thing! I suggest slow, excruciating torture, to remain at our best. Wunderbar Amy :O)


    1. Aw, thank you SO much! I’m pushing my limits lately in the editing room, but I have to admit the way I took this image is mind blowing. I really LOVE what I do and it shows. Thank you SO much for your AWEsome comment! Love, Amy

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