When We Walk

61 thoughts on “When We Walk

    1. Thank you, Val. This was birthed from out of my experience with my family a few days ago. Most now want to really have relationships and some others want nothing to do with family. In Love we let those go who do not wish to be with us, and also in Love we let go those who do not accept us for who we are. Bless you for being a part of my Life. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. That it does. If people would just understand this.” LOVE is who we are, and nothing else. Once that is fully seen the Vine to Source becomes stronger with each breath we take.” Luv, YOU just created with me one of my sayings. That just proves we BOTH know Love. 🙂 (((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. Oh, Cao, it is SO good to see you. Bless you for being a part of my Life. I am as good as I can be as I determine to continue what I do with my Life. On those days the tears do come, I do not blog. I am taking it one day at a time. I am coming right on over to you. (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Wishing YOU a glorious day in return. I am just getting ready to step outdoors into that white stuff to feed the animals in the barn next to me. (smile) Just letting you know, yes, we do have that white stuff. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. Well, that is as it should be. I deserve paw taps! Even if they were intended for you. They were done on Petals so I am taking them. KAT! Thank YOU! More flowers coming soon and you are going to go NUTSO over them too. I know! 😉

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      1. I do not mind at all. In fact, only a few have asked, so it warms my Heart totally when someone does. I am as well as I can be, my friend. My Intention is to return to normal routine, including my blogging, yet on the days when the tears come or I must take some time away from normal, I will do just that. I am taking one day at a time, Belinda. Sometimes one moment at a time. Bless you for caring. Loosing my Dad is a big loss in my Life. I have much to come to terms with regarding several different matters … and I shall. I believe now to keep moving forward. Yet I will not cheat myself out of the grieving process either. I do LOVE you, Amy

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      2. Amy, it is important to embrace grief to be able to find all the gifts in it eventually. Every moment holds them, every lesson, when our hearts open to receiving. I know you must struggle and I hope you will lean on friends, we`re here for you. I am happy you blog and know when to take the time you need. I send you love and an embrace of comfort.

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      3. Belinda, I find much of my support here on WP, believe me. When I need the quiet times, I do so. Some who I know have not fully embraced the grieving process due to how painful it is. Yet as you say, the Gifts that are found within that process are many and I for one will find every one. Bless you for your Love and embrace of comfort. I receive them graciously. Love, Amy

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  1. Good evening Amy – Just wanted to let you know that your about page is amazing, your photography is magnificent, and your words are beautiful and I thank you for sharing them all with us…
    Hope your evening is most beautiful…


    1. Michael, your Presence has touched me so softly yet so deeply that you leave me humbled with tears in my eyes. Thank you for your kindness to me and for walking beside me as the Shining Light you are. Welcome to Petals, my friend. May She assist you on your Journey of Life. Love and (((HUGS))), Amy


    1. My Mom asked me the same thing. I have no idea, YellowCable. This is one of the flowers I shot in a local flower nursery after I lost all my photos. I just shot everything I could, which really was not a lot, due to it being October here. Sorry I couldn’t answer your question. Love, Amy


  2. Just liked your comment above as I posted almost those words in your last post before I saw this! Our connection is right on! We can be love in the face of anything! Being the planters of love seeds! Especially when another has fear or history that brings up the illusions, we can love and even walk away! Acceptance of what is is very powerful ” Love is who we are, and nothing else” yes yes Love Robyn

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