Every Day

78 thoughts on “Every Day”

    1. Yes, Mom, I am back to work, trying to deal with the pain in my Heart as best as I can. I am taking each day as it comes, and when I cry, I will not be here. I am so happy you like this hydrangea. Love, Amy

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    1. Yes, it is. You are right, YellowCable. When I was tagging this post, my mind went blank regarding the name of this flower. Of course, after the fact, (after publishing this) I remembered. LOL Love, Amy


      1. Well, now you are getting a flower education with me. Hydrangeas are either white, pink, or blue, but in order to get them to be blue, you have to put an acidifier in the soil. I put some in years ago, and my Hydrangeas are still blooming blue. (smile) There you go. Consider yourself informed now. (((HUGS))) Amy


      2. You know what’s funny is I actually used to work as a retail merchandiser for a floral company. Sorry to say, it was a terrible job for me. Stressful and physically taxing. However, I did learn just a bit flowers doing that. I know most hydrangea colors but never knew about the acidifier in the soil. That’s awesome!!

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    1. Look to your Heart’s content, Kathy. These are from my own garden that I took in Fall of last year, believe it or not. That is why you see the orange in the background. It is from a leaf that turned orange. Love to you on this new day! (((HUGS))) Amy

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    1. To be honest with you, I don’t even look at numbers any more, Amy. Really. I am just so focused on answering notifications and going to other blogs to interact with my friends. I do check on occasion to see how many liked a post and if anyone tweeted or put on FB. I get the biggest kick when I see someone tweeted one of my posts. I used to be TOO focused on numbers and would get hurt if a post I thought would do well, did not do that well. Hoping you are having a good day. My Heart is heavy this day, so I am thinking of dressing very warm (it is very cold here), take my camera and tripod and see what I can find. I need the solace of Mother today. Sending my Love and (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. You are focused and so perfection, that can be so time and energy consuming. I just hope you’ll find time to submit to the professional Photographer magazines, your photos deserve it. 🙂 Love, Amy

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