Art By … Water, Ice, And Snow (8 Images)

174 thoughts on “Art By … Water, Ice, And Snow (8 Images)”

  1. These are really good! You were expecting maybe: ‘Crumby Camera Trash?’ Yup. That’s snow alright. I’d recognize the stuff anywhere! That’s because of my bulbous head size… Lovely time exposures! I see I’m not on your list: I’m going to repeatedly stab myself with a toothpick and say they’re just freckles! Then I’ll be sorry!

    You mentioned your Dad and Service. I’m a Minister too so tell him I said: ‘Only sin gets any real recognition.’ LOL!

    I use a Canon 5D with tripod, cable release and I lock up my mirror to illuminate any shake whatsoever and only save in RAW format for work and review. Here’s my best tip ever: ‘Never cross the road on a red light!’ I MISS YOU TOO :O(
    Enjoy your flight! Planes frighten me! Why aren’t they equipped with ejection seats? Cuz you’d just hit the ceiling?

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    1. Glad you enjoyed my images, Sparty! And as for my Dad, and the service, I am one of the speakers, and I do plan on speaking on how ONLY LOVE matters. Much of what you see at Petals I shall be bringing with me, in order to celebrate the Love between my Dad and I. I am not fond of flying either. Too many rules, too many xrays, too many this that and the other. I INTEND all will go smoothly. I’ll see yo on the other side! (((HUGS))) Amy

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  2. Oh, Amy, my Angel, my Heart is with you, my Prayers are with you, my Love is with you. The photos are incredible, almost jumping off the page at me. Go is Peace with God as your anchor, and your Dad’s Love to carry you thru all of this. He will be there helping you thru the worst of it, keeping you Strong. Take time for YOU, and Rest is our Love. Hugs, Love, and more Hugs.

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    1. Thank YOU, Lorrie. More are coming. (smile) Yep, I have at least, I THINK, three more posts I can get pics out of from this one shoot. I was there shooting for quite some time. Bless you for BEing with me at this time in my Life. (((HUGS))) Amy


  3. fantastic the second one is my fav all the way – kept going back to it with the green and elements – but all so good –
    (and I agree – only love matters – and I feel that at your blog – and actually when I come here I leave feeling like I have been hugged – whew – now how can that be? but ’tis is true) ha!

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    1. Shhhhh …. that is one of my SECRETS. My Petals now gives out (((HUGS))) because I have written that so many times. (smile) I am SO happy you feel hugged when you come to Petals. My friend, YOU made my day today! Love, Amy

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  4. These are simply stunning ~ you capture both the beauty of winter/snow/ice along with the beauty of fluidity/warmth/water that stirs the soul. Wish you well during this time, and I hope you feel the embrace of us all along side you. Take care Amy ~ you continue to mesmerize us all with your work.

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    1. Randall, I am truly honored by such words of praise. Thank you, from the bottom of my Heart. One huge way I am making it day by day, is by interacting with my WP friends. You have no idea how much some have come to mean to me, and to have this source of connection especially in a time of my Life that it is so cherished, brings much JOY to my Heart. Bless you, my friend for your presence here at Petals and for all you do at your blog and in your Life. (((HUGS))) Amy


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