Update On Service Preparations


My friends and family, I miss you like crazy, but my Life right now is so busy!  There is just so much to address and get done, in order for me to leave for my Dad’s Memorial Service next week.

Training with hubby has been kicked into high gear and I am proud to announce, it really is going well.  That man will be the happiest man on the planet when I return because he is now understanding how much work is involved running this cat clinic (of sorts) we have in our home.  The notes this man has taken are LONG and with much detail.

What has gotten done thus far, is … the arrangements for the service and family get together are coming together nicely.  The death notice has been taken care of, both here and in the city my Dad spent his last years in.  Round trip tickets for me have been bought and I now own an encyclopedia of papers with every detail possible regarding each airport … my husband is very thorough.

I have a new suitcase so I only have carry on baggage.  I am not taking my Canon (too big) but yes I am taking my Samsung, iPad, and phone.  Hubby plans on putting stickers all over my suitcase with pictures of cats and my blog addy, just so that everyone knows this is LadyPinkRose’s suitcase.  (smile)

I have chosen which outfits I will be wearing.  I have begun on the deep cleaning of this house because I refuse to come back to a dirty house.  I am almost done with the mountain of laundry. YAY! The last few weeks of my Dad’s life I was mostly on the phone, or texting, or SKYPING so my every day cleaning got put on the back burner.  Now it is catch up time.

I have been really trying to edit more waterfalls pictures for you, but that is not going as planned.  So please bear with me until I can get to them.  Perhaps I will be able to get those up and published so you can ohh and ahh while I am gone.

And that’s about it. I have been staying with my Yoga class. And due to the extra good food hubby has been cooking for me and all the chocolates I have been eating, I have gained tummy width.  I hope OH I hope I fit into the clothes I picked out to bring with me.  No, I have yet to try them on.  Keep your fingers crossed I can button the pants.

I thank each one of you for your prayers, thoughts, and condolences.  Bless every one of you!

I LOVE YOU!  I MISS YOU!  Know that I carry each of you in my Heart with me.  Please keep those prayers coming, because Truth be told, I do not know if my knees will keep me standing during my Dad’s full Military with Honors Service.  The poem I wrote for Dad, “My Special Angel” I will be reading at the service. The Rose that I put with that poem, I am printing and framing to put on the table along with all that has been made in memory of my Dad, at the service.  I am also printing out a copy of that Rose for each of my brothers and sisters and Mom.

I will try to get one more post in before I leave next week.  My Heart is with you.  My Love is with you.  Know you are so Loved and Cherished by me.  (((HUGS))) Amy

Photography/ “Update On Service Preparations” 2015©AmyRose

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(Photograph of photo dated May 1957. Yes, that is me in my Dad’s arms with Mom kneeling by chair.)